Per Jorner's Page Mk III

And the day arrived as foretold and the cats came and they ate many things. They ate the music and the poetry and the webcomic and some other stuff that no one had probably paid attention to, however they did not eat the dragon images, for as they said, "Dragons are like cats, only bigger." And there was some other stuff they did not eat. On the seventh day the cats rested and they also ate stuff. Such was the coming of the cats who eat things.

Minimalism is the thing this homepage is still dedicated to for the cats did not eat the minimalism.

My fantasy book reviews remain uneaten, in Swedish with English summaries. Swedish flag British flag

You can visit my gallery of captioned dragon images. British flag

Here are my game guides, including the one for Fallout 2, as well as some mods and stuff. British flag

Here's a page with some gamebook stuff, including the FF Reviews Archive and a couple of gamebook adventures. Swedish flag British flag

There's a page of stuff concerning my novels. Swedish flag

There are links escape routes to the internet. British flag

The cats are taking over at It should be noted that the more deserving your mail is of a reply, the greater the chance they will eat it, and I can only apologize for this unfortunate circumstance.

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