Cook book & files

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ZX Spectrum DIY Cook Book & files (opens a SkyDrive window where you can DL the files)

All user manuals & files has moved to above cook book link.

ResiDOS Software package v2.0

Short introduction to ZXMATRIX & ZXCF.
GhostShip, release 1.6
DeadlyTower, release 1.0
Horizons, original ZX Spectrum release converted to ResiDOS
Package installer, Taskman, TapeIO v1.03, ZX80, ZX81, Channels
Tape2CF v1.0, copy entire tape to CF (automatic)
IDESPEED, test your drive
Z80 & TAP loader, load a game easier & longfile name version
ROMs installer, install your roms easier
ZXZVM z-machine
ZX Spectrum+ tape release.
Tasword two
Melbourne draw
Code machine
Experimental Devices.pkg with test code for mice & keyboard.
ResiDOS install for ZXATASP, ZXCF range, ZXMatrix
MP3 ResiDOS install for ZXATASP, ZXCF range, ZXMatrix

Latest changes,
Updated USB mouse demo for keyboard also.