2014.09.18 Shop updated!

2013.04.07 Cook Book has made v1.0, full resolution 220MB 265 pages. Most work is on ZXUSB part, added stuff like MGT+ package ect. Cook Book files 16MB is also updated with many things like softwarepackage3.0, for the first time you can update USB FW from Spectrum, when running softwarepackage3.0 type LOAD"runme", on USB demo section you find USB command, you can play with the USB directly by commands and update USB FW from here. Have fun !!!!

2013.03.28 Again Cook Book updated 256 pages and Cook Book files, all on Skydrive. I'm currently working on a update to softwarepackage...

2013.03.24 New firmware for ZXUSB, Cook Book updated, all on Skydrive.

2013.03.18 Work in progress, bottom 2 rows are done... shop updated.

2013.03.17 Added ZXMatrix quick guide to Skydrive, this is a beginners guide.

2013.03.03 Added to shop a almost complete ZXMatrix with USB, only thing missing is the plastic key in the edge connector, if you align carefully it works without it or make one from a bit plastic and glue it in place.

2013.02.28 Shop open

2013.02.17 ZX Spectrum Cook book updated with rev.B upgrade instructions.

2013.02.16 First ZXMatrix+ZXUSB is almost done, it's gonna be a rev.B, with a sram backup chip. More reliable if not perfect backup.

2013.02.02 I'm in progress of building a few ZXMatrix with USB, If you are interested you can drop me a email and I'll put you on a waiting list, no commitment, you can cancel at any time before payment is done.

2013.01.30 ZX Spectrum Cook book updated. This is a work in progress and will maybe take all year before I'm done with it. There will be errors bad quality ect. but as time goes I'll try improving it and add stuff. Link is moved to left 'Cook book'

2013.01.23 I'm moving back to this site.