WOS World of Spectrum Planet Sinclair All Sinclair gadgets are found here Your Sinclair Great Spectrum magazine ZXF magazine Still alot information that's interesting Sandy White The man behind Ant Attack, alot of interesting info A Swedish gateway to ZX SPECTRUM A interesting site, some games ect Tolkien computer games for the Spectrum Are you in for adventure games ?? take a look Bobble This you have to visit, very nice pictures on games/covers Speccy4ever Spectrum ROMs, HW info ect The Sinclair emulator Runs all Sinclair/Timex models and more ZX Spectrum in the 21st Century? All kinds of HW is found here Hungarian Sinclair Club Have made some zxcf interfaces Warm Ciruit ZX Spectrum orchestra is found here Sinclair ZX Spectrum basic programming Online basic manual ,1982 version One of the few spectrum news sites still running News site in Spanish
Harlequin ZX Spectrum clone Latest Spectrum clone in the works and probably best yet ... Chrome - Italian ZX Spectrum Clone ZX Badaloc another ZX Spectrum Clone ZXMMC Interface Internal SD/MMC interface ZXMMC+ Interface Still in progress, interesting SD/MMC interface ZX Spectrum hardware do it yourself Simple HW solutions Build a Jupiter ACE/Z80/81/MUK101
Trade in Post Here you will find used HW/SW for sale RWAP Software Has HW too Freeware version of Eaglecad (Linux, MacOSX, Windows) All my pcb's has been done with Eaglecad