The Tweaks Section

Tweaks are an essential part of the HiFi hobby, testing them makes you more aware of the essence of sound and it can be fun, interesting, frustrating and really annoying. The ground rule of tweaking is, there is nothing impossible, only not probable.
Some of the worst enemies of great sound are resonance, signal interference, acoustical feedback and mismatch. Improvements of constructions can always be made, as the process of manufacturing forces the constructors to make compromises in order to keep the cost down (at least in reasonably priced items). The HiFi hobbyist has of course also the cost problem, but in a somewhat different way. We do not charge per hour, but on the other hand costly machines are out of the question.
Common sense can often be applied in the tweaking business, and is the starting point for making your own tweaks. The more unlikely tweaks we can read about, think around and if we feel like it, test them.
So far the Tweaks Section consists of the following pages:
General Tweaks
Audio Note DAC Kit 1.1 Tweaks
Quad Tweaks (the same page as in the 'Quad ESL' section)

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