Favorite Music from the Past

Considering my age, it is not hard to guess that I grew up with music such as 'The Beatles'. Later in my life the taste for music changed a bit, and I started to listen to music from 'Deep Purple', 'Led Zeppelin' and 'Black Sabbath' for instance. Then I became a little more advanced and got into the symphony rock scene with artists like 'Yes' and 'Emerson, Lake and Palmer'. Other groups visiting my turntable in those days were, 'Jethro Tull', 'Queen', 'Focus' and several others not mentioned here. In 1973 I discovered the music from 'Mike Oldfield' and his 'Tubular Bells' is by far the most played record in my collection. In the mid 70's I also listened a lot to 'Genesis' and 'Pink Floyd'. Other favourite artists from the 70's and 80's are 'Kate Bush', 'Dire Straits', 'Gentle Giant', 'PFM', 'Frank Zappa', 'Roxy Music', 'Cat Stevens', 'Supertramp', 'Santana', 'Wishbone Ash', 'Gerry Rafferty, 'Gryphon' and 'Steeleye Span'. I have left some unmentioned and probably forgotten some. I will not go into details describing the albums in this section, but some recommendations follows below.
The artists are presented in random order. There is plenty of information to be found on the net about the mentioned artists, and as I can not give other information than which albums I think are the best from the listed artists, I recommend further study.

The Beatles Best Albums

   Deep Purples Best Albums

  Led Zeppelins Best Albums

  Yes Best Albums

  Emerson, Lake and Palmers Best Albums

  Jethro Tulls Best Albums

  Genesis Best Album

This concludes the list for the moment. Some of the artists are still among my favorites and will be reviewed elsewhere in my music section.