Welcome to MT Audio Design 

For those who need to remember my website address this is now possible, use the address: www.go.to/mtaudio and you will end up here.

MT Audio Design is not a registered trademark but you have to call your web site something, so it seemed quite adequate to use this name. MT is short for Mats Törnqvist and the rest is obvious.

MT - 1958I was born in the year of 1955 in Karlstad, Sweden and my HiFi interest started around 1970. In the more than 30 years since then I have come across quite a lot of equipment and made some interesting discoveries about music reproduction (that's what it is all about, right). I have tried some DIY (DoItYourself) and I am what you can call a 'tweak oriented person'.  My interest in DIY is growing, mainly because I can't find what I am looking for. If nobody makes the stuff I need, maybe I can make it myself. HiFi as a hobby can make severe damage to your savings and the best way to keep this damage down is to buy second hand equipment or make them yourself.

In the last years I have become interested in tube amplifiers and I have some projects on my mind, these will be covered on their own page, 'Tube Amplifiers'.
My loudspeaker interest these days is almost only in electrostatic loudspeakers in general and especially those made by Quad. I have used my Quad ESL-63s since 1987 and the last years complemented by Gradient SW-63 subwoofers. You can read more about this combination in the 'Quad ESL' section and you will also find some information in the 'MT Audio Kits' section. A few comments about other loudspeakers and the construction of them can be found in the section 'Loudspeakers'.
Tweaking is an essential part of the HiFi hobby and can help getting the most out of the equipment. This is where the experience and improved hearing (the ears do not improve, but the brain is taught what to listen for) comes in handy. Knowledge and experience will never be a heavy burden. You can search for inspiration in the 'Tweaks' section.

Since I entered the web, quite a number of sites have been visited by me and some links to interesting places appear in the section 'Links'.

I can not prevent myself from making a few comments about products and the HiFi scene in the section 'My Opinion'.

When I suddenly got an idea, I made one more page, the 'My Thoughts' page. This is a place to air some interesting (?) thoughts and maybe get a reaction.
On the page 'My system' you can see my presently used music reproduction system. This may give you an idea of what kind of sonic figure I am, and maybe provide some ideas. I have bought almost all of my gear second hand which has helped keeping the cost down. I believe that this is what makes this hobby interesting, to keep costs low and performance high.

On the 'Picture Gallery' page I am going to put pictures of equipment and in the future maybe some other pictures too, as photography is another hobby of mine.
In the 'MT Audio Kits' section you can find equipment I have constructed myself because nobody else has.

The best way to keep visitors informed about news on a site is, I think, making a page where all the updates are listed. This page is called 'What's NEW' and contains the site history.
This site is still under construction, and will be so for a long time. To keep your interest, I included a page called 'Future Plans'. On this page I will keep you informed about my (present) future plans. 

One section cover the musical part of the HiFi hobby, which is the reason for having a fine system - to get as much music out of the recordings as possible. This section is called 'Music'. There will be some examples of CD's suitable for testing the equipment as well as examples of music I like.
As English is not my native tongue I apologize if I use the English language incorrectly.

This page is constructed with frames using a 1024x768 screen, but I have tried to make it work properly at lower resolution too. With a full screen browser and 1024x768 (or higher) screen you shall be able to navigate to all pages on the site without scrolling the navigation bars.

Sweden is famous for having a lot of Moose. There are even some who arrange Moose-safaris.


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