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My family

Like many other Scandinavian families mine has lost track of the sons and daughters who left the famished home land and went to America, South and North, East and West. Are you by any chance a descendent of one of those, I and my family would be more than happy to hear from you.

Most persons displayed in my father's family tree origin from a southern part of Sweden, Blekinge, and a town called Karlshamn. (Before 1666 the towns name was Bodekull.) The first person displayed, Gunnar Johansson, was my father. I might add that no person alive is shown.

My father's family tree
Last edit Apr 24 2003

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My mother's family also origins from Blekinge, Sweden, but a small village called Eringsboda. Many people from further south, Sillhövda and Rödeby, are also included in the family tree. No person alive is displayed.

My mother's family tree
Last edit Dec 18 2001

And me - I'm Ia Johansson - a 39 years old computer science female student hooked on family research! Any question you may have will be answered if you mail me.

Last edit Apr 24 2003