ps3 is a utility for monitoring process activity on a Linux machine. It is a little bit like top, except that:

Download it here. If you download it, please drop me a line and tell me what you think.


For smooth rendering, you need a Geforce or Radeon graphics card.


Just type make.


For the time being, you need to run ps3 from the directory where you compiled it in order to find the font directory.


-f--frame-rateFrame rate in frames per second.
Recommended values are 100, 50 (default), 33, 25, 20...
-u--update-rateData update frequency.
Default is 25.


mouse 3 drag adjust camera position
mouse 1+3 drag vertically zoom
mouse wheel zoom
mouse 1 drag vertically scale height
mouse 1 drag horizontally adjust spin speed
Esc, Q quit

Rudolf Hersén