NEWS! 2013-11-23 We have during the last 3 years developed 2 new propeller programs, the first one calculate Optimal propellers for airplanes with new insight in propeller theory and practise to make the propellers as optimal that is possible, (See first page)  the second program calculate optimal 2+2 contra- or dual-rotating propellers.  These programs arenít for sale but calculations can be made on consulting basis.

Please contact us for a quote on DESIGN of a OPTIMAL Propeller.

2010-11-19 A more advanced version the JC Propeller Design, Generation X is released. It will allow you to calculate propellers at any altitude with remaining power from the engine, which can be set as Turbo, Normal aspiration or Diesel engine.

It creates out put files in forms of DXF and text files, among many other improvements. 

The JC Propeller Design program V. 3.11 Have had an update to be perfect for CNC manufacturing with feed back from a talented propeller maker in UK. V. 3.11 is very useful to calculate propellers for aircrafts used at normal low level flying, and is sold in standard, ultra light - UL and now in a French standard version.   It is used by many propeller makers, kit plane company's and homebuilders all over the globe, it design an classic and well proven propeller design that is calculated for that specific application. The program is made to be easy to use and understand and it fully use the computer to make the calculations, no need to make any calculations or designs on the side, by hand. The version 3.11 and Generation X has an Analyse program for existing propellers, refined efficiency and performance calculations. With this program you can build your own propellers and save money, and in the same time get a propeller that is specially computer designed for your specific aircraft.

The JC Propeller Design is NOT! What you want to use when calculating propellers for Powered Para Gliders (PPG) or Ducted fans of any kind!


!! Our software require Microsoft Excel or MS Office being installed on your PC.

Open Office will not work!

You can also download the free MS Excel Viewer to use with the JC Propellerdesign software (without ability to save your work)

Download Excel Viewer:
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