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A painting of Anund made by Michael P Frase

© Michael P Frase, Michigan, U.S.A.

Anund was built between 1993 to 1996. The work was finished in June 1996
in Västerås. Anund made his first voyage from Östra Hamnen (Västerås)
to Lövudden (Västerås) the 3th of July. A boathouse in typical vikingstyle
is going to be build on Lövudden.

Anund in Stallarholmen

Anund at the bridge in Stallarholmen.

The first step to create an idealistic association called
Vikingaskeppet Anund - ideell förening
was taken in June 1996. The purpose with the
association is for example, revive our knowledges of the Vikingage and
old seamanship like sailing on the Vikingage.

Anund on his way to Stockholm in summer 1998

"Let go !!!!"

When we go out to sail we are normally 7 persons in the crew, but it is
room for 25 pers. on board. Sometimes we row, and when we do, 8 people
are able to row at the same time.

Celtic frame

Fore more inforamtion about the vikingship "Anund" and the
"idealistic association" please make your selection.

Technical details about the vikingship Anund

The ship and its name history

The idealistic association




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