Just a bunch of crazy motherfuckers outta Nottingham, England. You've probably run into 'em before 'cause they've got a ton of singles and two LP's out. Anyway, the "Crawling Back To Vegas" 7" on Savage Records took one and a half years to come out but it was worth the wait 'cause it's their best stuff yet.
Broke up after many years of constant rocking. Coop's new band is the JOHNNY SEVEN BREAKDOWN which actually started here in Stockholm a few years ago with Odd (the Robots) and the Blacks and later was joined by Charger on drums and G-reg on guitar. The new band is Coop on bass, Gary X-ray on vocals, Charger on guitar and someone else from the Chargers on 2nd guitar and back behind the drums, Lil Stevie of X-rays fame.

Get their ace 7" "Crawling Back To Vegas/Arrogant Fucked-Up Shit" on Savage Records NOW!!!