Welcome to our new review site. We just thought we'd collect all the stuff that resemble reviews here... might also feature some pre-published Savage #5 stuff ... Don't take this stuff too seriously but more a place where we hip you to the stuff we like (or dislike). We feel it's a shame it's over a year between issues so here's a try-out for venting our opinions online.

Hollywood Delinquents 7" (Subway Star)
These Swedes blow mw away with their japanese-Link Wray style instro rock'n'roll. Very cool! Everyhting from a great sleeve to three great songs to the fact that they perform live wearing Richard Nixon masks. Wow.

(Upcoming split 10" on Punch Records)
This here's the band Martin joined while in Madrid this Spring. and it's fucking awesome. Wild as hell rock'n'roll punk, frat punk!!! Two singers screaming , wild fucking guitars and a hellhole of energy. I can't wait to have this on vinyl. It's coming in August/September.. It just blows me away!!!

Guitar Wolf's new CD is here..."Rock'n'roll Etiquette"
15 blasts that sounds really cool and better than last years "Jet Generation". The new CD comes in a pink leather sleeve with a Coop 'guitarwolf' on the frontcover. Covers on the Pendletons' "Sore Loser" and "Route 66". The new single featuring the amazing "God Speed You!!" is backed by a cover of "King Creole" plus two more.. Haven't heard anything about any plans for a worldwide release yet.
Also coming is a Live LP (release date June 21). If I get it right it's called "Live!!" and it's got a great drawing by Coop with a naked Naziwoman, a big robot and GW's heads in jars! Of course it features all yer favorite GW songs..including "Kick Out the Jams" (don't know who's playing guitar tho'..hehe). As a bonus it has a digital hardcore remix by Alec Empire called "Jet Virus". It's actually pretty cool. The fidelity on the live recording is pretty high..
For more detailed reviews check out the upcoming issue of Savage. Out in July 2000.

Andre Williams is the BLACK GODFATHER!
In the Red continues it's assault. The new Andre record is F-U-N-K-Y. Backed by the Blues Explosion, Cheater Slicks, Compulsive Gamblers, Countdowns and the Dirtbombs they get the groove going!
Amazing new disc/band on In the Red - THE HORRORS! Wow! Check 'em out!

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a jimmy hole dee-sijn!

Germany's trashiest and most secret combo will soon strike again. Look for a 7" and a 10" soon. Both sound really good on the preview tape.. a little better produced and good songs. A cover of the Oblivians' "Jim Cole" is totally punked out. Check these guys out!
(Manuel Wastl)