There's a saying here in Michigan that if you don't like the weather-give it fifteen minutes and it will change. No shit! Last Thursday in was a nice late summer day, Friday was the first day  of Autumn and the temperatures took it literally. Time for drinking at the beach is over for the next 7 or 8 months and time to move it back down to the basement. No problem there tho. It's always time to ROCK-n-ROLL!

The SAVAGE bros have pretty given me a open forum to rank & rave about whatever I feel (well, maybe they haven't-I'll just take it upon myself that they did.) Being that I'm about 99% computer illiterate This page won't feature any flashy graphics and photos. As I learn more about all the badass programs this thing has though...Watch out.
     Just gonna start it off simply with some records.  Someday soon the new BANTAM ROOSTER LP  "Fuck All Y'all" will be hitting the stores. This will be your first chance to hear the drum stylins' of Mr. Mike Alonso. Mike's been been Tom's partner in crime for over a year now and this record has been mucho delayed.  He puts a solid Rock-n-Roll swing to Potter's a-chord bangers that the former drummer's savant jazz Freakout's lacked. It was recorded at JIM DIAMOND'S "Ghetto Recorders" in Detroit.
     Jim's place has become to super hot-spot for Rock-n-Roll bands from around the continent to lay down their tracks. Montreals LES SEXAREENO's enjoyed what they did soo much for their album "LIVE! In The Bed" (Sympathy For The record Industry) that they decided to come down and record again. If you haven't picked this up you should. I'm the last guy in the world to dig an Organ band. I always get bads visions of really  That whole "doo-doo-doot" shit starts to bore me and everything starts to sound like "Palisades Park" or "Dirty Water." This guys and girl combo set it all on fire. Loud blasting guitars, scream along harmonies and a beat that's good for some backseat lovin.' Featuring some SPACESHITS and a DAYLIGHT LOVER.
     Did you get your copy of the DAYLIGHT LOVERS single "One Man Gang" (High School Refuse)? Recorded by Joe  Burdick (The BUZZARDS/DIRTYS) on a busted up 4 track (in actuality it was a 3-track-one was totally shot) in your truly's basement. SEE! I told you it's always time to rock down there.  For every ten beer bottles you return to the corner store you get $1 in exchange. After the DAYLIGHT LOVERS 4 day stay I got $40 for doing just that. Thats one hundred beers a day!! Ahh! Summertime! If you listen really closely you can hear I had a problem with crickets getting in. There where probably 50 down there. I believe thats what gives the record it's screeched out charm. They've also upgraded to Jim's place and their Jack Oblivian produced LP  for Sympathy should be coming out soon. Rumor has it their girl thievin' singer is in Calgary starring in community theater plays.

Chicago has been the butt of a ton of good jokes when it came to their scene over the last ten years. It seemed everything was ALBINI & MINISTRY. It was like the wanted to permanetly stomped  out the "roll" and it became ROCK (as in AOR). The "roll" seems to shifting back and Ryan Morono's SACK-O-Shit label is serving up stinkin pile of "YEEEEEHAAAWWWW" Though I'm   in contention with someone via email battles ("Long Live STONERROCK" heh-heh) over which side of the GUILTY PLEASURES single is better I must say it worth a spin or a hundred. Illiniose boys trek down to a crowed living room in MEMPHIS for that hot & sticky effect. Johnny Thunders slides in and out of puke on the floor left by Darby Crash. In know those are some pretty lofting comparisons but they got way more going on than just some idiot who just read "Please Kill Me", when out and bought a bullet belt and then think they are down & dirty PUNK ROCK (Stiletto Boys anyone). This shit has got a FUCKIN' SWAGGER MAN!  I can't wait for more!

Another Chi-town combo on the label are THE MASHERS! Their full-length "Baby, I'm Your Man" lives you no doubt at all that they alway has a cold case of BUDWEISER in a cooler in the trunk of their car at all times. Fuck! I betcha even one of 'em has a pick-up trunk and they throw all the empties in the bed! For the beer swillin', pizza gobblin' dude in all of us
     To refer back to LES SEXAREENOS- Sack-O-Shit has also released their 7in EP "FINGER PARTY." So just mo' & mo' swag ya gotta add to your collection.  
     Hick-punk has really degenerated into High School Parking Lot metal. Then THEY DON'T EVEN DO IT THAT WELL. They all need to look for Rob Halford for direction. The HALFORD is album is what all that shit is about. Duo guitar solos and the "Yep! He's a fag" high pitched screams. What happened to the twang? The non SOCIAL DISTORTION influenced JOHNNY CASH feel? Do Portland Oregon's GODDAMN GENTLEMEN bring a bottle of that good stuff with their CD "Chariots Of Fire Spitting Cobras"? Well it's ain't some aged 21 years in an oak barrell hooch but this is about SWIGGIN' and not sippin' anyways. The manic wrench swinging of GAS HUFFER's live shows (God! Thier albums were always sorta weak) and enough truck stop speed for everyone. Songs about spending all the girlfriend's money, coming in to work hungover (AGAIN!!!) and the general life I lead! Like the COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS reputation didn't proceed them (and they didn't try to live it down). This on the LAST CHANCE label. Good luck finding it. I just saw a message board annoucement about somebody not being able to find it in Portland!        
     I don't know how much space I'm allowed so I'm gonna wrap it up.
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Here comes the first report from Madrid. Having spent
five weeks down here already I think Iīve got a good
idea about what itīs all about. If you like
drinking, smoking and rockīnīroll this is the place for
you. Imagine going out seven days a week and actually
listen to rockīnīroll music. Alright, letīs start with
the bar situation:
The best place sundays to wednesdays is La Via Lactea
(Velarde 18) where dj and barman Oscar is playing hot,
hot, hot rockīnīroll (and getting you drunk. Other
places to go are the Louie Louie bar (La Palma) and
Tupperware (San Pablo).  The Moloko sound club is
pretty cool too. On Friday and Saturday (in the week
too for that matter) you have to visit Santiīs Freaks
punkrock bar (San vincente Ferrer 32). This place is
crazy! Great punkrock music and insane drunk people.
Wow! Le Garaje sonico (plaza de dos de mayo) is a good
place for weekends too. Usually packed. Always the
last outpost is the Morgenstern. This place is open
ītil morning.


A good place to see local rockīnīroll acts is the Rock
Palace (Vara del Rey, 6). Itīs a place for bands to
rehearse and itīs got a club attached to it. This
friday the Safety Pins and the Cīmon Babies (former
member of Pleasure Fuckers I think). The Cīmon Babies
only played four or five songs and was alright kinda
standard punkrock. The Safety Pins who everybody seems
to like came off very unimpressing. Playing boring
fast punkrock with lyrics like "I hate society" and
"Suicide - time to die" etc etc. On saturday Aerobitch
and the Carbonas played at El Sol (Jardines, 3). Itīs
a huge place and it was pretty much packed in time for
the show. The Carbonas started out, playing Devil
Dogs/Ramones-ified punkrock. Really good but some
energy was missing. Aerobitch on the other hand put on
a really great high-energy show. Fast punkrock action!

Two weeks ago the Neanderthals played at this place. I
was surprised to see that they were so old! It was
kind of a let-down. Not that wild at all and I missed
the saxophone. It was like a frat group from the 60īs
that survived not even knowing that Louie Louie isnīt the
latest thing anymore. It was fun though!

...And donīt forget the minibar! This is actually my
favorite place in Madrid. Itīs this Spanish/American
guy who has a small small bar (hence the name) where
heīs serving hamburgers, hot dogs, beers and drinks
and playing fifties rockīnīroll (itīs loud too). Heīs
been celebrating Johnny Burnetteīs birthday for two
weeks! Itīs on Calle Hortaleza at Gran Via (the
pizza/pasta place next to it is great for eating).
īTil nexī time Iīm

Martini Salvaje (Shaken but not stirred)