Out of the ashes of the shirt-lived Jenny Silver's Mistakes (featuring Jenny on guit, Martin on guit and vox and d.daredevil on drums).

Imagine if you will a mix of DM Bob and the Deficits and Velvet Underground, particularly the guitarsound and you've come somewhat close. Swedish swamp pop could also be a description..

Martin Savage - guitar, vocals
Jenny Silver - drums
King Cobra - guitar, vocals

Split 7" w/ the Scat Rag Boosters on Goodbye Boozy Records
7" on Now! Records
Split tour 7" w/ King Louie on Beat/Savage

King Cobra also plays in the great Monkey Lee Knockouts.
Martin Savage used to be in the Blacks and is now also in Kamen Riders.
Jenny Silver has a club called Beat every other thursday somewhere - all the time.