Kinox' Azuco interview

This interview was conducted by MGandhi from Kinox, an emu and rom-dumping site. TITAN of course thanks all of them for letting us have this interview.

"Azuco is the author of A-Saturn, one of the most advanced Saturn emulator, he's also developing an open-source x68000 emulator.

1. Why start a Saturn emulator?
I want reason of life.  At first,  I wanted start a PS emu, but, I got document ...... about SH2....
A-SATURN is also revenge for SEGA!
Sometime ago, I've tried get a position CSK. (SEGA include CSK group)
But I failed... hahahaha (T_T)

2. Why did you choose this nick?
My real name is 'AZUMA' and I like 'NAMCO', so 'AZUma'+'namCO'='AZUCO'

3. What's the present status of A-Saturn? (i.e: Master CPU Emulation: 99%)
I'm doing some little progress about VDP2...

4. When can we expect A-Saturn running a commercial game?
Oh....I don't know.

5. A-Saturn already read games header?
Yes, ASPI layer is already compleated.  Actuary, A-SATURN cans read CD first sector.

6. Do you have any access to internal Sega Documents (as there are rumours about the full blown programming documentation for the DC leaked out at one point from Sega)?
Yes, I have any documents.  Those documents from Sega Of America.  You can get them from internet.(ex, from EPR.....) but,I don't know about the DC documents rumours....

7. You also develop a x68000 emulator, is it discontinued?
I start it, the reason is that a X68K emulator already exists .... EX68.  But, It's not open source.  I think, open source is more important than being able to play game.
I released source code for japanese x68k user.  But,they are only games user.
Nobody have interest in AX68K, in japan.
A-SATURN is an Higher priority than AX68K, but AX68K isn't discontinued...

8. Do there is a chance to use the emulator with the Saturn joystick?
We can already use a saturn pad over a PC joypad - There's a device we call 'IF-SEGA' .... in japan.
IF-SEGA has PCI & ISA card type.  It cans use Saturn's joypad.
Windows recognize It as a DirectX device.  Actually, I used it.

9. A-Saturn now, is the most updated Saturn emulator and still under development, a lot of others Saturn emulators were discontinued, comment it.
Other Saturn emulator are Fake.
(exclude Lucifer, PC-SATURN and SEMU)

I think, maybe shamu is very very fake.
His screen shots are video capture.
Reason....the pictures' resolution is strange.

Please, stop make fake saturn emu.
Nobody believe that a saturn emu's realty....

10. I saw the screenshot of the VDP2 (I think) and it's in Japanese, anyone dumped an American VDP2?

Do you know ?
Saturn BIOS is multi area bios.
Please check, A-SATURN.ini file

area_code=1 ;japanese area code
area_code=2 ;north america ?

Try it!

11. What are the reasons to develop A-Saturn for Windows?
Windows has many user.
It cans use many high performance device.
It cans use large memory size.
(but,A-SATURN cans run on DOS, by a little modefire)

12. Saturn features an interesting shooter, is it in the to-do A-Saturn list?
I like shooter, but, at first support....
Street fighter Zero (alpha) release.
Reason: I love chun-Li
Vampire release.
Reason: I love morrigan

Second target is after burner...?

13. A-Saturn some day will be an open-source emulator?
I'll release the source code when A-SATURN cans run game.....

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