Azuco interview

For those who may not know who Azuco is, he is the developer of A-saturn, the most advanced released Sega Saturn emulator.

Could you please tell us a little about yourself?
Azuco: Job : not programmer. (real job is secret)
Age : 25
hobby : programming,game,guiter (my favarit music : AfterBurner)

explain my nickname AZUCO....
My real name is 'AZUMA'.I like 'NAMCO'.

(Azuco is from Japan, in case anyone didn't know. -Tunek)

Have you written any software before?
Use EMS of dos base program by assembler.
(I like assembler.)
A-SATURN is first C++ & windows base program.

When and why did start your A-saturn project?
Azuco: last year February ...
I enter a hospital by sick.
I program starting reason ,kill time.

at first,I was going to make PS emulator.
but I can't got R3000 document.
I got SH2 document by chance.

What are you currently working on? (For example, better VDP2 emulation.)
Azuco: VDP2 layer by DirectX
Interrupt timing check
Speed optimize

Which are the biggest difficulties in Saturn emulation?
Azuco: Multi processer support.(SH2 master,SH2 slave,MC68K,VDP1,VDP2,SMPC,SCU,CD-Block,DPS)
VDP2 support.(VDP2 is very very High performance processer)
CD-Block.(nothing impliment way by windows function method .....)

When do you think A-saturn can run any game?
Azuco: .....I don't know.....
I have to many many implement function that can run game.

Do you think you have acces to other information that western saturn emulator developers don't have? (Like technical documents and such.)
Azuco: sorry... I not enough understand mean.

We can get Saturn document is ....
Sega Of America's for Saturn Developer document.
Hitach SH2 document.

I don't have another document.
Western saturn emulator developers can more high level emulator than A-SATURN.

Do you have a lot of contact with the other Saturn emulation developers?
Azuco: No,my english is very very poor.
I can't enough explain by english.
but,I have a lot of technical programer's friend in Japan.

A-saturn seems to be the most advanced saturn emulator. Why do you think it is so? Do you think you work harder than other people?
Azuco: Lucifer is not release binary code yet.
But,I think so,Lucifer progress is most advance ... ?
I have to more work harder.

Do you plan to release the sourcecode? (I you answer yes or no)Why?
Azuco: Yes.If source code release , obey GPL.
or I think,A-SATURN join Lucifer team.

Why did you chose windows as the development platform, instead of GNU/Linux or Macintosh?
Azuco: Windows user is very many.
Windows have directX (can direct drive of many type hardware)
but,I like GNU spirit.
I have not Mac! but,I like MC68K.

Do you really like games, or are you more interested in programming? If you like games, could you tell us your five favorite games ever?
Azuco: AfterBurner
(my favorite ... ?!)

CAPCOM fighting game
(SFZero,VampireSaver,PocketFighter....I strong by Ken Masters)

Tomb Raider series
(I expect TR4!)

(Irem corp.Good music by FM sound genelator!)

Girl game!
(in english ? Hentai game ?)

This is a question from a TITAN reader: Will you port A-saturn to Dreamcast when it is finished, and is this even possible?
(Question from DCX)
Azuco: I don't know Dreamcast hardware info. and Saturn is more high-performance that We think. Maybe possible emulation, but impossible same speed that real saturn.

Do you like the Macross animies?
Azuco: oh!why you know that?
I like macross plus.
Cast in my favorite voice actress (Rika Fukami : Japanese Edition)

Anything else you would like to say?
Azuco: I very glad to this interview.

I think not important Can run game.
Emulator is cultuer that more academic.
I only interesting Saturn hardware & emulator implementing.
but, Can run game by I work hard.
It is good things.

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Interview by Tunek

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