29/9 1999
Tunek's back!!!!!

Tunek is back from his beer-drenched visit in Brandenburg, Germany. And yes, they got on his nerves with their techno. Where are the songs of Jörgen Elofsson when you need them.... ..?
Anyway, if you have managed to read this far, TITAN has som sad news for you. Lucifer is remowed from the emu section, because if it ever comes out, it will be delayed like hell. But don't fear, there are other emus coming, but none that TITAN can tell you about. Sorry ......

16/9 1999
TITAN goes away

Tomorrow, Tunek will leave his comfy Cheiron Studios sounding house for the techno-pumping country that is Germany, leaving TITAN totally unmanned. He will be there until next Sunday, so even if Lucifer comes out, don't expect to find out about it here.
Anyway, Tunek says: "Auf wiedersehen........"

13/9 1999
New emu?

I you check out the forum on Azuco's world, you'll see that some guy has posted some pictures of a claimed saturn emu. The reason TITAN won't show you these pictures is that TITAN belives those pictures to be fake. But that shouldn't stop you from checking them out. Here is the site.

11/9 1999
Kinox' Azuco interview

If you are to lazy to go to top emu site Kinox, TITAN now have their Azuco interview in the usual TITAN style.
Check it out!!

8/9 1999
A-saturn picture

Here is a picture of A-saturn running the bios in area code #3. Thanks to TyRaNiD for helping TITAN out.
Why the weird backdrop?

7/9 1999
An Azuco interview

Kinox has interviewed Azuco, coder of A-saturn, and you can read it here.
There are some interesting stuff here, so check it out!

4/9 1999
August in the archives, and new emu on the way

All the updates for august are in the archives.
There seems to be a new saturn emu coming out soon. Some person has posted a lot of interesting stuff on the forum on the A-saturn site. Check it out, if you don't have anything better to do.

1/9 1999

TyRaNiD sent TITAN this pretty picture, taken from Vampire Saviour and Lucifer/SoM, but due to fuck-up Tunek always being late in everything he does, this is the first time you can see it (unless you check out Azucos forum).
Well, here it is, and send some hatemail to Tunek for being such a slacky character.
Don't put that pointer on
 me! :)