22/10 1999
More PowerSEmu stuff

Dave has made a guestbook on his site, so get your arses there and post a message :)

14/10 1999

Dave has made a homepage for his emu PowerSEmu. He says he'll post a version of it when it is a bit more complete then it is now.
Check out the site here.

BTW, TITAN is sorry for not having any updates during the last 10 days. But with zero news, and the plan to make a classless society, what do you expect?

5/10 1999
New emulator

A man by the name of Dave is working on a new windows saturn emulator. It hasn't got a name or homepage yet, but those things should come by the end of the month. For all you tech-heads out there, here is what is currently done on it: The SH processors are done, and will be optimized in assembler. Memory is also almost done. It can read the first sections from the CD-rom. The two vdp processors are way off complete.
And as with all good emus, it will be finished when it's finished.

2/10 1999
More sad news

PC-saturn is gone. Guess there is nothing more to say.
August has been added in the archives section.

29/9 1999
Tunek's back!!!!!

Tunek is back from his beer-drenched visit in Brandenburg, Germany. And yes, they got on his nerves with their techno. Where are the songs of Jörgen Elofsson when you need them.... ..?
Anyway, if you have managed to read this far, TITAN has som sad news for you. Lucifer is remowed from the emu section, because if it ever comes out, it will be delayed like hell. But don't fear, there are other emus coming, but none that TITAN can tell you about. Sorry ......