26/11 1999
PowerSEmu news

Dave posted his progress on PowerSEmu, and if you don't feel like going to his site you can read it all here!!
A tiny bug took 5 days to find, but now his SH2 emulation is about 40% faster than it was before. He is also nearly finished with the SMPC code, and the SCU is also coming along nicely. VSync, HSync and Timer Interrupts should also be working better, along with VDP1 which has some new commands. The next thing that has to be solved are to include the CD-Regs into the memory. And if you don't get any of this, you have a lot in common with 6 billion other people, so don't feel bad about it.

And if you have missed it, check out Azuco's new post at the TITAN forum. It's about as incomprehensible as the post above with a factor of 2.

11/10 1999
New A-saturn pictures

Azuco has posted some new pictures of his A-saturn emulator. Check them out here.
If you do, read Azuco's thoughts on them at TITAN's forum.

6/11 1999
Azuco World news

The message board on Azuco's site is down.
Why? Haven't got a clue. Maybe it was the shitheads saying it was a "gay" emu because it doesn't play any games, maybe it was something else.

4/11 1999

Dave posted some reports of the progress of PowerSEmu on his site. If you don't feel like going there, TITAN can tell you that he is currently working on getting VDP1 emulation working. He also wrote that he will not release the emu until it is ready.

The updates for October has been added in the achives section.