April 2000

24/5 2000
Good news for Tunek........

The unbelivable has accured: Tunek has gotten himself a job!!! What is Åbro brewery thinking? Having him running around making beer can't really be a good idea. Anyway, here's what Tunek got to say about it: "Can't belive someone offered me a job over the summer. And since I want a Dreamcast and loads of anime videos, I guess I'll have to take it. But the sad news are that this site will be affected by it. The following 3 weeks I'll probably won't be able to update it one bit, and the whole summer will be a little scetchy (like it has been for the last weeks, but nothing interesting has happened, so there hasn't been a point of reporting anything). But when I'll update again, I'll post the half-finished interview with Steve Snake (who mysteriosly dissapeared from the emu-scene some months ago). Well, anyway, see you all, and have a wonderful life!!!"

Oh, check out Azuco's forum for a nice screenshot of A-saturn.

13/5 2000

It seems Azuco has released version 0.15b to a selected few, but it also seems like he's already working on version 'c', since he's posted a picture of it on his site.

11/5 2000

The first public version of Hyperion is released, and you can download it here.

And Ben-J from Cosollection has interviewed the developer of PC-saturn. Read it here here. And thanks to Ben-J for letting Tunek know about it.

And Charles Doty has release a game for saturn called Sporting Clays. You can find it at Saturn Development Central (links page).

And Azuco updated his 'secret room'.................but maybe there is a reason that it actually is a secret room?

And Dave of PowerSEmu fame has updated the PowerSEmu site. Seems like he's making good progress with the VDP2.

And Borland has, since Sega threathened to sue them, sent out a bugfix to its Delphi package. It's only for those with Russian keyboards and can be downloaded here.

And and and. Many 'And's today...........

6/5 2000
Saturn devolopment central

SDC is online again, and as always you can find it on the links section. Oh, April 2000 is added to the archives.

2/5 2000
New forum and loads more

TITAN now has a new forum together with EmuSaturn. So if you have anything to share with the rest of the world, that is the best place to use.

It appears that old TITAN-buddy TyRaNiD is a member of STG (you know, the saturn games translators). Hopefully they'll translate Grandia: Digital Museum soon........

The PC-saturn site have also been updated a bit. It seems version 0.1 will do a lot more than 0.06. Thanks to Ben-J for that info. SSF have also had some work done on it. And as alway, all links can be found at the links section.

And even though this is one day late, I hope everyone gives a thought to the anarchists and workers that was murdered more than 100 years ago. The struggle is never over.