January 2000

21/1 1999
More SSF news

The people at Alucard's Adobe has even more translated stuff on SSF. Go let it out!!!!

20/1 1999
A-saturn news

Azuco has posted a new screenshot of the clock-screen. Check it out at Azuco's sites.

The archives section was updated with the month December 1999.

9/1 2000
Interview with Steve Snake

TITAN will soon have an interview with Steve Snake, among other things creator of Megadrive/Genesis emu Kgen. If you have some questions you would like him to answer, write to Tunek.

5/1 2000
New A-saturn!!!

Azuco has released a new version of A-saturn, with some new functions like better MC68000 emulation. Download it here.

2/1 2000
New emu!!!!

We have all been waiting for this moment a long time, and now the time has come. A new emu has come out, and as usually it doesn't do anything fun. Check out the site here (it's the same mentioned in the last update) and download the emu here. It's a lhz file, and if you have any problem with those get to the forum and you'll probably get help.
And to TyRaNiD for his help with lhz files. Thank you!!!

The good people at Alucard's Adobe has made a translation of the SSF info page. So check it out.

And now Tunek wish to say something: "I just checked out the links page on Azuco's new site (link) and found SSF's (or whatever he's called, I don't really know) site. So I guess the credit goes to Azuco. Sorry I missed that in the last update."