February 2000

28/2 2000
Sad news

TITAN is verry sorry, but due to the fact that Tunek has a lot to do, there won't be any updates for a week or two. Please come back then.

22/2 2000
TyRaNiD interview

Kinox has interviewed old TITAN friend TyRaNiD. If you have some aversion against kinox as a whole, you can check out the interview here.

Januray 2000 is now added to the Archives section.
And C o n s o l l e c t i o n is added to the links section.

19/2 2000
New A-saturn

Azuco has released a new version of A-saturn. Loads is new, but you won't see it here today. But you can of course check out Azuco's site for info.
Or if you just want the emu, you can download it here.

17/2 2000
Forum merge

Today TITAN merges its forum with Azuco's. Check it out here.

16/2 2000
Silver Translations

Tunek just go a mail from PJ of Silver Translations, and he said that they won't modify the game on their Radiant Silvergun translation. Instead they will translate the text and put it up on their site, very similar to Alent Project's Grandia translation or The Shining Force 3 part 2&3 translation. So it is not really emulation related, but that doesn't make the translation any easier. Instead of being able to dump the script these people have to play through the game many times to get everything. And record all the movies on a VCR...........
And of course, TITAN wishes them all the best of luck. And who knows, maybe soon some hacker will figure out how to translate saturn games like cartridge games. Grandia Digital Museum..........another sweet thought.

15/2 2000
Dave and more.........

Tunek hade a little chat with Dave of PowerSEmu fame and he told TITAN that he has fixed some bugs in the CD and made more MC68k stuff. But unfortunately there seem to be some bugs in the SH2s that need to be worked out.

And for the first time at TITAN, we have a saturn emu news that isn't emu related. Silver Translations are currently translating top shooter Radiant Silvergun. TITAN will try to gather more information on the matter, hopefully soon.

14/2 2000
TyRaNiD news

Our old friend TyRaNiD, of SoM and Lucifer fame (they have both been dead for a long time BTW, go to the month of september 1999 for info) has made a debugger for saturn. It works with an Action Replay and a PC commlink, and since all of you want to find out more, like the robots that we are, check out this site.

13/2 2000
Forum news

TITAN will merge its forum with Azucos within five days. If you wish to check out the old forum one last time, well, be quick or be dead :)

(Please note that February is obscure cultural reference month at TITAN.)

3/2 2000
New Azuco interview, bot not here

Very good french emu site Consollection have made an interview with Azuco. If you like TITAN have problem reading french, use this link for direct access.
Many thanks should go to Ben-J for the tip.

1/2 2000
Azuco news

Azuco has started creating a free (in the GNU sense) saturn programming library. Though Tunek is trying to learn MC68 assembly, he still is stupid and understand zero. But if you do, check it out here.
BTW, sorry about being late with this news, but learning to program takes a lot of time.