December 1999

28/12 1999
Real news!!!!

TITAN has uncovered a new emu, but understand nothing since the site is in japanese. You can check it out here.

And über-cool Azuco has loads more stuff on his site. If you don't have it bookmarked you can always use this link. Now all we need is the new A-saturn.........

24/12 1999
Merry Christmas

TITAN wants to wish the whole world a happy Christmas, and send some extra greetings to all muslims on Antarctis that now are celebrating (?) Rhamadan.
BTW, in a few days there will be some big changes on TITAN.

Oh, november is now added to the archives section.

7/12 1999
Saturndump news

The top people at Saturndump have put up some new documents. And if you can figure out who runs that site, you win a bike trip to your local food store!!!! Mail answers to Tunek.

BTW, at least think the Dave Midknight interview was really good, so why don't you read it again?

6/12 1999
Dave Midknight interview

To read TITAN's interview with Dave Midknight, creator of PowerSEmu, use this link. Not the best of Tunek's interview agreed, but it is still interesting reading.

2/12 1999
Dave of PowerSEmu interview

TITAN will soon have an interview with Dave, the developer of PowerSEmu, and if you want to ask him some questions or make a suggestion, then mail everything here.