Updates for 1/8 1999-1/91999

27/8 1999
TyRaNiD interview

TITAN is proud to present its second interview, this time with Sat'on'Em and Lucifer coder TyRaNiD. Check it out here.

24/8 1999
New link, and stuff about A-saturn

There is a new link to Alucard's Adobe, a multi-format emu site with a saturn section. Check out the links section for more great links.
You can still mail Tunek questions for the interview with TyRaNiD.

23/8 1999
New A-saturn, and a new interview soon

Azuco released a new version of A-saturn today. There isn't any info on what is new yet, but here is how much of the system (Azuco's estimates) that is emulated.
Master SH2 99%
Slave SH2 99%
SH2 local device 50%
MC68ECK 96%
SCSP 15%
SCU 50%
VDP1 40%
VDP2 50%
SMPC System management 70%
SMPC Joypad (digital device) 95%
CD block 10%
Internal Backup Ram 99%
External Backup Ram 0%
4MB Ram 90%

Download version 0.14e here.

TITAN will also soon have an interview with TyRaNiD, of Sat'on'Em and Lucifer fame. If you have any questions you would like to have him asked, please mail them to Tunek

21/8 1999

There are some rumours that A-saturn and Lucifer will use each others code. BTW, TITAN is sorry about the lack of updates, but there hasn't happened anything of value in the saturn emu scene.
But to keep the site up-to-date, the emus section has been changed a bit

16/8 1999
A-saturn guide

Saturn coder Denis has made a document that will help people soing stuff in A-saturn. Check out version 0.1 of the guide here

14/8 1999
Azuco interview

Check out TITAN's Azuco interview here. In the interview Azuco talks about everything about Saturn emulation and A-saturn.

I also think there are some new documents up at Saturndump, so if you're into that stuff, check out that site.

13/8 1999
A-saturn developments

A pretty interesting discussion has taken place on A-saturn's website, Between coder Azuco and Saturn coder Denis.
You can still mail questions for the planned Azuco interview, but do it quickly. Mail them here.

Also made the text more compact.

9/8 1999

Azuco interview

TITAN is about to interview Azuco, the developer of A-saturn, and If you have any questions you would like to ask him, please mail them here.

Site updates

Put the news for July in the archives.
Check 'em out here.

7/8 1999

New link

TITAN is very proud to present a link to Saturndump, where you can find at least one necessary item for your saturn emulation.