April 2000

29/4 2000
Look who's back

What is a VDP2???!Azuco sent out this nice picture to show that he is still working on A-saturn, and that he has made a lot of progress, and who knows, maybe he'll be up to Hyperions standards soon. Hopefully A-saturn will be released soon, and maybe some idiot will say it's a "gay emulator" again?
There really are some things in life to not look forward to.........

28/4 2000
Saturn Translation Group

Here are some more news on STG. They see their first project as an indication of things to come, like RPG's. They also think that translating saturn games will be harder than SNES games. Most of the developers have coded a lot of saturn stuff. There will probably not be anything similar to the .ips files that SNES translations usually have, instead you will have to download the whole game.
Many thanks to James for the info.

There are two new links, not emulation related, but some people like the sites......

27/4 2000
One very interesting development....

A saturn translation group have started on SegaXtreme. Calling themselves 'the Saturn Translation Group' they will translate some jap game into english!!!
There first game will be a pinball game, but who knows what will follow that......

Scarrow have fixed a some problems that Hyperion had, and he's showing them to the world on his site (is this the most public emulation project ever?) and if you don't have anything better to do before he releas the first public version, why don't you go and check it out.


26/4 2000
A little bit of everything.........

First, more reports on the second beta of Hyperion have come in. It is actually much faster than the first one (se the false report below) and Scarrow said that he would need a computer 20 times faster than his development machine to emulate a saturn in real-time (if he don't do things to improve the speed). Guess we'll need some new computers........

Second, if the lightning strikes, it sometimes would be wise to pull out the modem from the wall jack. That would prevent at least one site from being late at updating......

Third, Dave posted on his site that he's made a lot of progress on the VDP2. Wonder how PowerSEmu will stack up against Hyperion........

And finally, Alucard's adobe has changed its name to EmuSaturn. You can still find it on the usual site (links section has all the sites listed in this update). There's also a guestbook on it now.

21/4 2000
Hyperion again

The second beta of Hyperion is out, and is available to all beta-testers. Scarrow has been working hard trying to work out how to emulate the cd-drive, but that isn't incorporated yet. But here are some features that are:
It's a little bit faster
You can do more stuff in the BIOS
And that's about it :)
Hopefully, Scarrow will realesa a version to the rest of the world in the coming months.

And both PC-saturn and SSF seem to be worked on, but there is nothing exciting to report.

13/4 2000

To almost quote Al Green : "I can't belive that it's real, the way Hyperion make me feel...."
Scarrow just released a beta of Hyperion (which now has a lovely message-board) and it is the first real saturn emulator (it runs the bios to the cd-player). And that is such an epochal event that words just can't express how special it feels. So why even try?

12/4 2000
Back in blue

First, the files section is up. There you can find many different BIOS (3 in total) and a lot of other fun documents. Check it out......

Tunek now seem to have a lot less to do (it seems no one else understand the concept of free socialism, at least not in fucking shit Kalmar län) so TITAN will be regulary updated again. First is a recap of what has happened in the time TITAN's been gone. And if you don't check Alucard's and Emulad's site you'll need this.

The most sad news since Konami cancelled an english Policenauts, über-cool Azuco announced that he quit developing A-saturn. All the ten people in the saturn emulation community fell into deep shock, but suddenly became very interested in the 'secret room' on Azuco's site. And with all right..............
But some much more positive events happened as well. Dave announced that he was making good progress with PowerSEmu. And project Hyperion updated and showed to dumps to the world. And they are totally kick-ass!!! And Alucard made an interview with the developer Shawn L. Baird which you can read Alucard's adobe. And Shawn promised he'll soon send out beta-versions to some people. Apperently it will do as much as A-saturn did.
And to surprise us even more, PC-saturn was apperently continued.

And on the joint Azuco/TITAN messageboard everything was idiotic as always. Why does emulation seem to bring out the best in some people and the worst in other? Answer whereever you can.