Full name: Peter Leif Nyborg. AKA Cyborg or Newcastle
Place of birth:

Trollhaettan, (Sweden)

Gender: Stud
Current occupation: CRD slave
Mental status: Totally out of order
Favorite CRD member: Magnus, 'cause he wouldn't dare to say no to me!
Sexual preferences: As many as possible
Hobbies: Design, music, food, beer, sex and sleeping
Likes: The day before a hangover
Loves: Kicki, Macintosh and funky music
Worships: Photoshop and Cubase VST
Dislikes: Peas, boiled potatoes and sports in general!

Person(s) in urgent need of being hit hard with a baseball bat:

-Baseball-players and the horny man who is shouting "Annelie" at CRD conserts.

What would you bring to a deserted Iceland?


How would you solve the growing problem with the ordinary citizen's lack of right to participate in the decision-making process in a modern democracy?

-I would give more power to all the syntheziser- and guitar-players of the world. Then I would have to teach all people the language of humour. The lack of a good sense of humour is tearing the world apart!

How, where and why does the Universe exist?

-I think that there is a bigger and better place than the Universe we live and fornicate in.

If you had to choose, would you rather drink a bucket of diarrhoea from a person with a malfunctioning fat-metabolism or be eaten alive by drug-crazed fire ants?

-Everything taste good in Gothenburg. It would be a pleasure to drink the shit.

Which hyped invention of the 20th century do you think will be the most laughed at in the 21st century?

-PC and Windows! Every man, animal and woman will love and own a Macintosh in the 21st century.

Why on earth would anyone be even the slightest interested in your ridiculous answers to these meaningless questions?

-Because it's educational to read and learn about me and my life. "The wise man will rule the world. The wise man always lives in Gothenburg" (known poet)