Full name: Jonas Adolescene
Place of birth:


Gender: Transparent, various
Current occupation: Blackmailer, impostor, hockeywhore
Mental status: ?
Favorite CRD member: Me, myself and I
Sexual preferences: Molotov cocktail sex, fiberoptic rectal probes, Chewbacca-style.
Hobbies: Eating people, Ping-Pong, collecting stamps, bugs and foreskins.
Likes: Corduroy trousers, werewolves, Spiderman.
Loves: Ulrika Adolescence, demons and hobgoblins.
Worships: Natas, midgets, the Force.
Dislikes: God, giants, the Dark Side.

Person(s) in urgent need of being hit hard with a baseball bat:

-Magnus Fransson, Annelie Bertilsson, John Wreibo-Lindquister, Yoda, IOGT-NTO, the whole Baywatch cast, KISS and people lacking a sense of humour.

What would you bring to a deserted Iceland?

-Bell-bottoms, infected rats, a tv, beer and macaroni&cheese.

How would you solve the growing problem with the ordinary citizen's lack of right to participate in the decision-making process in a modern democracy?

-I would give more power to the people by instigating a worldwide rebellion against the Capitalist oppressors that now control our lives.

How, where and why does the Universe exist?

-God and Satan are playing golf and we are the ball. It's just a matter of time before we hear one of them shouting "Fore!".Donšt you know...everything's pointless.

If you had to choose, would you rather drink a bucket of diarrhoea from a person with a malfunctioning fat-metabolism or be eaten alive by drug-crazed fire ants?

-Err...hmm...I don't know, can't I have both?

Which hyped invention of the 20th century do you think will be the most laughed at in the 21st century?

-AIDS and the popcorn machine.

Why on earth would anyone be even the slightest interested in your ridiculous answers to these meaningless questions?

-Because they got nothing better to do or maybe because they're just dumb.