Full name: John Henrik Wreibo Lindqwister.
Place of birth:

Skarpnaeck,Stockholm, (Sweden)

Gender: He-man
Current occupation: -
Mental status: Schizophrenic paranoia plus several other disorders.
Favorite CRD member: Can stand any of them. If anyone, it should be me then.
Sexual preferences: Straight as an arrow.


All the bands I'm in: CRD, Headtrip Inc., q-department and punk band Strap On Bimbos, fashion, drawing.
Likes: Music, clothes, hair, beer, magazines, green flowers, movies, tattoos, my friends.
Loves: Hanna (girlfriend), music, tattoos, clothes, and my friends.
Worships: Satan, God, Shiva, Buddha, Oden, Hades.
Dislikes: These fucking wars. Lying and cheating fucks. When its autumn all year.

Person(s) in urgent need of being hit hard with a baseball bat:

-Jonna Bastard and likes like her.

What would you bring to a deserted Iceland?

-Just ME and my dick!

How would you solve the growing problem with the ordinary citizen's lack of right to participate in the decision-making process in a modern democracy?

-Shoot all mutha-fucking would-be dictators.

How, where and why does the Universe exist?

-Big bang, right here, just for our amusement.

If you had to choose, would you rather drink a bucket of diarrhoea from a person with a malfunctioning fat-metabolism or be eaten alive by drug-crazed fire ants?

-I'd drink that delicious shit.

Which hyped invention of the 20th century do you think will be the most laughed at in the 21st century?

-The electric baking machine.

Why on earth would anyone be even the slightest interested in your ridiculous answers to these meaningless questions?

-Because people would love to know MY answers to these really fucked up questions.