He gave up music totally; sold all instruments and his Atari, he even discarded his extensive Italodisco-collection from the 80's, and got hooked on endorphin. Now he is a member of a triathlon team in Ljungby and spends all his spare time on suffering through extreme physical exercise. The Flesh is prone to sin, we all know that, but this seems to go beyond normal, healthy mortification. "Has he lost his mind or just all excessive fat?" you might ask. To answer that question, we have to go back in time. We need to probe deep inside Joelšs brain and establish a connection with his anima. Neither of these options are technologically feasible today, so we can only make educated guesses. He is still interested in music, though. Sometimes, when hešs really high on endogenous morphine-analogues, he talks of programming static rhythm patterns for the local jazz band, Ljungby Jazz ut-i-baljan Boys.
L H, the man whose name has been erased from recorded history: Make no mistake, we have forgiven him his heinous crimes a long time ago. But forgiving is not the same as accepting. What he does or where he is now, we donšt know or care.
Only active during the old cassette-days. He was a very able and jazzy keyboard player, but he was constantly out of focus and too skilled to be of any permanent use. He was supposed to play the lead on "Hell Is Real" on Columna Vertebralis, but he never showed up.