Fred Rich. Volume One

According to Brian Rust is Bunny Berigan present on the following titles:

Dixie Jamboree #1 (a)
He's So Unusual #1 (a)
Dixie Jamboree #2 (a)
He's So Unusual #2 (a)
You're Lycky To Me (b)
I Got Rhythm (c)

Personnel according to Rust, Brian, Jazz Records 1897-1942 :

(a) Bunny Berigan, Leo McCornville (tp), Tommy Dorsey (tp,tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as,bars), Tony Parenti (cl,as), Fred Cusick (cl,ts), Al Duffy (viol), Carl Kress or Dick McDonough (g), Joe Tarto (bb,sb), Stan King (dr) - Rec NYC November 15, 1929.

(b) Bill Moore, Bunny Berigan (tp), Tommy Dorsey and/or Jack Lacey (tb), Tony Parenti, unknown (cl,as), Fred Cusick? (cl,as,ts), unknown (p), (g), (b), (dr), Dick Robertson (vocal) - Rec NYC September 17, 1930.

(c) Same personnel as (b), but Al Duffy (viol) added. Rec NYC October 20, 1930.

Brian Rust (Jazz Records 1897-1942) och some other older sources states that Bunny Berigan's début in a gramophone recording studio took place in May 1928 with the Wisconsin University Skyrockets. In his excellent book The Swing Era Gunter Schuller gives a brief analysis of the trumpetsolo of the Skyrockets recordings of Slow Beef and Postage Stomp (Schuller, The Swing Era (1989), p 465). According to Schuller, Berigan recorded with Freddie Rich in 1929, but Schuller's authority is not in the field of List. Bozy White has shown that Berigan not is present on the Wisconsin University Skyrockets recordings of May 1928 (see the discographical article Chasing The Elusive Bunny Berigan: Take Two by Bozy White). More recent critical research states that Bunny Berigan debuted on record with Hal Kemp and his orchestra on May 14, 1930 (Dupuis, Robert, Bunny Berigan: Elusive Legend of Jazz (1993), p 80). Robert Dupuis shows that Berigan was playing in Philadelphia when the Wisconsin University Skyrockets made their recordings (Dupuis, p 327). Bozy White, an authority in the field of Berigan biography and discography, writes that Bunny Berigan joined the orchestra of Freddie Rich in February 1931 (see the booklet to the CD The ARC Years 1931-36, p 3-4). Bozy White states that Berigan not is present on these 1929 and 1930 Rich recordings.

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