Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra

Saturday Afternoon at the Meadowbrook 1940

1. I'm Getting' Sentimental Over You
2. College Songs Medley
3. The Sky Fell Down
4. Blues No More
5. Sorority Songs Medley
6. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
7. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
8. Quiet, Please!
9. Intermission - break for Station identification
10. Most Popular Tunes Of The Week Medley
11. Dark Eyes
12. The Fable Of The Rose
13. Fraternity Songs Medley
14. Marie
15. Hit Songs Of Yesterday
16. College Songs Medley
17. I'm Getting' Sentimental Over You

Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra: Tommy Dorsey (tb, dir), Ray Linn, Jimmy Blake, Bunny Berigan (tp), George Arus, Lowell Martin, Dave Jacobs (tb), Johnny Mince (cl,as), Fred Stulce (cl,as,fl), Hymie Schertzer (as), Don Lodice, Paul Mason (ts), Bob Kitis (p), Ray Leatherwood (b), Buddy Rich (dr), Frank Sinatra, The Pied Pipers (vocals). NBS Network, the Meadowbrook, Cedar Grove, New Jersey. March 9, 1940.

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