Bunny Berigan On CD

CD Titles.

An incomplete listing of CDs with Berigan present, arranged after the titles of the CDs.

Recording dates

An incomplete listing of recorded titles released on CD, arranged after the recording dates.

Discographical articles

This site includes discographical texts written by Bozy White and other leading authorities on Bunny Berigan. Mr Bozy White has for over forty years made research on Bunny Berigan and he is working on a Berigan bio-/discography. By many Berigan-fans Bozy White is regarded as the leading authority on the life and discography of Bunny Berigan.

Hit Of The Week-Durium

In the early days of his career, Bunny Berigan participated in a number of Hit Of The Week records. Very few of them are reissued on LP or CD. This site contains a lot of information about the Hit Of The Week records. On the site is also discographies of great interest for the Berigan-fan.

A Frank Sinatra Discography

Link to a discography with the recordings Bunny Berigan made with Tommy Dorsey in 1940.