BUNNY BERIGAN And The Rhythmakers.

Vol 2: 1938

  1. Shanghai Shuffle (a)
  2. I Got A Guy (a)
  3. Tonight Will Live (a)
  4. Cowboy From Brooklyn (a)
  5. Devil's Holiday (a)
  6. Easy To Find, Hard To Lose* (a)
  7. The Wearing Of The Green (a)
  8. The Pied Piper** (a)
  9. Sunday (a)
  10. Frankie & Johnny (a)
  11. Don't Wake Up My Heart* (a)
  12. I'll Always Be In Love With You (a)
  13. I Never Knew (a)
  14. Ten Easy Lessons ** (a)
  15. Black Bottom (a)
  16. There's A Brand New Picture In My Frame (b)
  17. There's Something About Old Love* (b)
  18. Small Fry** (b)
  19. Sing You Sinners (b)
  20. Will You Remember Tonight Tomorrow? (b)
  21. So Help Me* (b)
  22. Meet The Beat Of My Heart (b)
  23. T'aint So, Honey, T'aint So (b)
  24. Where In The World?* (b)
  25. Peg O' My Heart (b)
  26. Hi_yo, Silver! (b)
  27. Mahogany Hall Stomp (b)

(a) Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman, Steve Lipkins (tp), Ray Conniff, Nat Lobovsky (tb), Mike Doty, Joe Dixon (as,cl), Clyde Rounds, Georgie Auld (ts), Joe Buskin (p), Dick Wharton (g, vocal)* Hank Wayland (b), Johnny Blowers (dr), Ruth Gaylor (vocal)**. New York 27 June 1938.

(a) Same personnel as (a), but Buddy Rich (dr) replaces Blowers. New York 8/9 August 1938

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