BUNNY BERIGAN and the Rhythm Makers
Volume One: 1936 & 1938

  1. Take My Word (a)
  2. Rendezvous With A Dream* (a)
  3. On A Coconut Island* (a)
  4. On The Beach At Bali Bali (a)
  5. But Definitely* (a)
  6. Sing! Sing! Sing!* (a)
  7. I'm An Old Cowhand (a)
  8. Empty Saddles (a)
  9. On Your Toes (a)
  10. Did I Remember?* (a)
  11. San Franscisco (a)
  12. I Can't Escape From You* (a)
  13. I Can Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat* (a)
  14. When I'm With You* (a)
  15. Dardanella (a)
  16. When Did You Leave Heaven?* (a)
  17. You're Not The Kind* (a)
  18. You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby* (a)
  19. Sweet Misery Of Love* (a)
  20. That's A Plenty (a)
  21. Now It Can Be Told (b)
  22. My Walking Stick* (b)
  23. Wacky Dust (b)
  24. And So Forth (b)
  25. Flat Foot Floogie** (b)

(a) New York 20 July 1936.
Personnel according to the discographical information to this CD :
Bunny Berigan, Ralph Muzzilo, Harry Preble (tp), George Mazza and/or Artie Foster (tb), Unknown possibly Artie Shaw (cl), Carl Swift (cl,as), Artie Drelinger, Unknown (ts), Joe Lippman (p), Morty Stuhlmaker (b), Bill Flanagan (dr), Peggy Lawson (vocal)*.

For more reliable information see the critical notes to the CD Bunny Berigan: On Your Toes

(b) New York 27 June 1938
Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman, Steve Lipkins (tp), Ray Conniff, Nat Lobovsky (tb), Mike Doty, Joe Dixon (as,cl), Clyde Rounds, Georgie Auld (ts) Joe Buskin (p), Dick Wharton (g), Hank Wayland (b) Johnny Blowers (dr), Ruth Gaylor (vocals)*, Bernie McKay (vocal)*.

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