And His Orchestra 1936 - 1937

  1. That Foolish Feeling* (a)
  2. Where Are You?* (a)
  3. In A Little Spanish Town (a)
  4. The Goona Goo* (b)
  5. Who's Afraid Of Love?* (b)
  6. One In A Million* (b)
  7. Blue Lou (b)
  8. I'm Gonna Kiss Myself Goodbye* (c)
  9. Big Boy Blue* (c)
  10. Dixieland Shuffle (c)
  11. Let's Do It (c)
  12. You Can't Run Away From Love Tonight* (d)
  13. 'Cause My Baby Says It's So* (d)
  14. Carelessly* (d)
  15. All Dark People Are Light On Their Feet** (d)
  16. The First Time I Saw You** (e)
  17. Love Is A Merry-Go-Round* (e)
  18. The Image Of You* (e)
  19. I'm Happy , Darling, Dancing With You* (e)
  20. Swanee River (e)
  21. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm* (f)
  22. The Lady From Fifth Avenue* (f)
  23. Let's Have Another Cigarette* (f)

(a) New York, November 23, 1936.
Bunny Berigan, Red Jessup (tp), Toots Mondello (as), Babe Russin (ts), Joe Buskin (p), Eddie Condon (g), Mort Stuhlmaker (b), George Wettling (dr), Art Gentry (vocals)*

(b) New York, January 22, 1937.
Bunny Berigan, Harry Greenwald, L. Brown (tp), Ford Leary (tb), Matty Matlock (cl), Hymie Schertzer (as), Art Drelinger (ts), Les Burness (p), Tom Morgan (g) Arnold Fishkind (b), Manny Berger (dr), Art Gentry (vocals)*

(c) New York, February 17, 1937.
Personnel same as (b), but Johnny Hauser (vocals)* replace Gentry.

(d) New York, April 1, 1937.
Bunny Berigan, Cliff Natalie, Steve Lipkins (tp), Ford Leary (tb, vocal**), Frank d'Annolfo (tb), Slats Long, Henry Freeman (cl/as), Clyde Rounds, George Auld (ts), Joe Lippman (p), Tom Morgan (g), Arnold Fishkind (b), George Wettling (dr), Carol McKay (vocals)*

(e) New York, May 13, 1937.
Personnel same as (d), except Sid Pearlmutter and Joe Dixon (cl/as) replace Long and Freeman, Sue Mitchell (vocals)* replace McKay.

(f) New York, June 18, 1937.
Same personnel as (e), but Irving Goodman (tp) replace Natalie, Morey Samuel, Sonny Lee (tb) replace Leary and d'Annolfo; Ruth Bradley (vocals)*.

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