An Introduction To Bunny Berigan:
His Best Recordings 1935 - 1939

  1. Blues In E Flat(a)
  2. Solo Hop(b)
  3. Nothinī But The Blues(c)
  4. The Buzzard(d)
  5. You Took The Advantage Of Me (e)
  6. Mama Donīt Allow It(f)
  7. Let Yourself Go(g)
  8. I Canīt Get Started(h)
  9. No Regrets(i)
  10. In A Little Spanish Town (j)
  11. Marie(k)
  12. Letīs Do It (Letīs Fall In Love(l)
  13. Honeysuckle Rose(m)
  14. Blues(m)
  15. Frankie And Johnnie(n)
  16. Mahagony Hall Stomp(n)
  17. I Canīt Get Started(o)
  18. I Cried For You(p)
  19. Jelly Roll Blues(p)
  20. Davenport Blues(q)
  21. Blue Lou(r)
  22. Night Song(s)


(a) Red Norvo & His Swing Octet
Bunny Berigan (tp), Jack Jenney (tb), Johnny Mince (cl), Chu Berry (ts), Teddy Wilson (p), George Van Eps (g), Artie Bernstein (b), Gene Krupa (dr), Red Norvo (xyl) - New York, January 25, 1935.

(b) Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
Smith Ballew (dir), Charlie Spivak, Bunny Berigan (tp), Jack Jenney, Glenn Miller (tb), Johnny Mince (cl,as), Eddie Miller (ts), Claude Thornhill (p), Larry Hall (g), Delmar Kaplan (b), Ray Bauduc (dr) - New York, April 25, 1935.

(c) Gene Gifford & His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan (tp), Matty Matlock (cl), Bud Freeman (ts), Claude Thornhill (p), Dick McDonough (g), Pete Peterson (b), Ray Bauduc (dr), Wingy Manone (vocal), Gene Gifford (arr) - New York, May 13, 1935.

(d) Bud Freeman & His Windy City Six
Bunny Berigan (tp), Bud Freeman (ts, cl), Claude Thornhill (p), Eddie Condon (g), Grachan Moncur (b), Cozy Cole (dr) - New York, December 4, 1935.

(e) Bunny Berigan & His Blue Boys
Bunny Berigan (tp), Edgar Sampson (cl,as), Eddie Miller (ts), Cliff Jackson (p), Grachan Moncur (b), Ray Bauduc (dr) - New York, December 13, 1935.

(f) Mound City Blowers
Bunny Berigan (tp), Red McKenzie (comb), Forrest Crawford (cl, ts), Eddie Condon, Carmen Mastren (g), Sid Weiss (b), Stan King (dr), Spooky Dickenson (vocal) - New York, January 8, 1936.

(g) Bunny Berigan & His Boys
Bunny Berigan (tp), Joe Marsala (cl) and/or Bud Freeman (ts), Forrest Crawford (ts), Joe Bushkin (p), Dave Barbour (g), Mort Stuhlmaker (b), Dave Tough (dr) - New York, February 24, 1936.

(h) Bunny Berigan & His Boys
Bunny Berigan (tp, vocal), Artie Shaw (cl), Forrest Crawford (ts), Joe Bushkin (p), Eddie Condon (g), Mort Stuhlmaker (b), Cozy Cole (dr) - New York, April 13, 1936.

(i) Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra
Billie Holiday (vocal), Bunny Berigan (tp), Artie Shaw (cl), Joe Buskin (p), Dick McDonough (g), Pete Peterson (b), Cozy Cole (dr) - New York, July 10, 1936.

(j) Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan (tp), Red Jessup (tb), Toots Mondello (as), Babe Russin (ts), Joe Buskin (p), Eddie Condon (g), Mort Stuhlmaker (b), George Wettling (dr) - New York, November 23, 1936.

(k)Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra
Tommy Dorsey (tb, leader), Bunny Berigan, Jimmy Welch, Joe Bauer, Bob Cusumano (tp), Les Jenkins, E.W. "Red" Bone (tb), Joe Dixon (cl, as), Fred Stulce, Clyde Rounds (as), Bud Freeman (ts), Dick Jones (p), Carmen Mastren (g), Gene Traxler (b), Dave Tough (dr), Jack Leonard (vocal) - New York, January 29, 1937.

(l)Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan, Harry Greenwald, L Brown (tp), Ford Leary (tb), Matty Matlock (cl), Hymie Schertzer (as), Art Drelinger (ts), Les Burness (p), Tom Morgan (g), Arnold Fishkind (b), Manny Berger (dr) - New York, February 17, 1937.

(m)A Jam Session At Victor
Bunny Berigan (tp), Tommy Dorsey (tb), Fats Waller (p), Dick McDonough (g), George Wettling (dr) - New York, March 31, 1937.

(n)Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman, Steve Lipkins (tp), Morey Samuel, Sonny Lee (tb), Sid Pearlmutter, Joe Dixon (as,cl), Clyde Rounds, Georgie Auld (ts), Joe Lippman (p), Tom Morgan (g), Arnold Fishkind (b), George Wettling (dr) - New York, June 25, 1937.

(o)Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra
Personnel same as (n), except: Al George (tb) replaces Samuel, Mike Doty (as,cl) replaces Pearlmutter, Hank Wayland (b) replaces Fishkind, Joe Lippman (arranger) - New York, August 7, 1937.

(p)Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman, Johnny Napton (tp), Ray Conniff, Bob Jenney (tb), Murray Williams, Gus Bivona (as,cl), Clyde Rounds, Georgie Auld (ts), Joe Bushkin (p), Dick Wharton (g), Hank Wayland (b), Buddy Rich (dr), Kathleen Lane (vocal) - New York, November 22, 1938.

(q)Bunny Berigan And His Men
Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman (tp), Ray Conniff (tb), Murray Williams, Gus Bivona (cl, as), Georgie Auld (ts), Joe Lippman (p, arr), Hank Wayland (b), Buddy Rich (dr) - New York, November 30, 1938.

(r)All Star Band
Charlie Spivak, Bunny Berigan, Sonny Durham (tp), Jack Teagarden, Tommy Dorsey (tb), Benny Goodman (cl), Hymie Schertzer (as), Arthur Rollini, Eddie Miller (ts), Bob Zurke (p), Carmen Mastren (g), Bob Haggart (b), Ray Bauduc (dr) - Neew York, January 11-12, 1939.

(s)Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan, John Fallstich, Karl Warwick, Joe Aguanno (tp), Mark Pasco, Al Jennings (tb), Charles DiMaggio, Jack Goldie (as), Larry Walsh, Stewart Anderson (ts), Edwin Ross (p), Tommy Moore (g), Mort Stuhlmaker (b), Paul Collins (dr) - New York, November 28, 1939.

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