And His Orchestra 1938 - 1942

  1. In The Dark (a)
  2. Walkin' The Dog (a)
  3. Patty Cake, Patty Cake* (b)
  4. Jazz Me Blues (b)
  5. Y' Had It Come' To You* (b)
  6. There'll Be Some Changes Made (b)
  7. Little Gate Special (b)
  8. Gangbuster's Holiday (b)
  9. Peg O' My Heart (c)
  10. Night Song (c)
  11. Ain't She Sweet? (c)
  12. Ay-Ay-Ay (c)
  13. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good* (d)
  14. The White Cliffs Of Dover* (d)
  15. 'Tis Autumn (d)
  16. Two In Love (d)
  17. Skylark* (e)
  18. My Little Cousin** (e)
  19. Somebody Else Is taking My Place** (e)
  20. Me And My Melinda* (e)

(a) Bunny Berigan And His Men.
Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman (tp), Ray Conniff (tb), Murray Williams, Gud Biovona (cl,as), Georgie Auld (ts), Joe Lippman (p), Hank Wayland (b), Buddy Rich (dr). Rec New York December 1, 1938.

(b) Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan, Johnny Napton, Jack Koven, George Johnston (tp), Ray Conniff, Bob Jenney (tb), Gus Biovona, Henry Saltman (as) Don Lodice, Larry Walsh (ts), Joe Buskin (p), Allen Reuss (g), Hank Wayland (b), Eddie Jenkins (dr), Kathleen Long (vocal)*. Rec New York March 15, 1939.

(c) Bunny Berigan, John Fallstich, Karl Warwick, Joe Aguanno (tp), Mark Pasco, Al Jennings (tb), Charles DiMaggio, Jack Goldie (as), Larry Walsh, Stewart Anderson (ts), Edwin Ross (p), Tommy Moore (g), Mort Stuhlmaker (b), Paul Collins (dr). Rec New York November 28, 1939.

(d) Bunny Berigan, Arthur Mellor, Bobby Mansell, Freddy Norton (tp), Charlie Stewart, Max Smith (tb), Walt Mellor, George Quity (as), Wilbur Joustra , Red Lang (ts), Eugene Kutch (p), Tony Estren (b) Jack Sperling (dr) Lynne Richards (vocal)*. Rec New York ca September 1941.

(e) Bunny Berigan, Kenny Davis, Bobby Mansell, Freddy Norton (tp), Charlie Stout, Max Smith (tb), Walt Mellor, George Quity (as), Neil Smith, Red Lang (ts), Eugene Kutch (p), Tony Estren (b), Jack Sperling (dr), Danny Richards (vocal)*, Kay Little (vocal)**. Rec New York ca January 1942

Critical note: the booklet to the Classics CD erroneously asserts that the female vocalist is Nita Sharon. Source: Bozy White.

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