Portrait of Bunny Berigan

  1. Me Minus You (a)
  2. She Reminds Me Of You (b)
  3. Troubled (c)
  4. Plantations Moods (c)
  5. In A Little Spanish Town (d)
  6. Solo Hop (e)
  7. Nothin' But The Blues (f)
  8. Squareface (f)
  9. King Porter Stomp (g)
  10. The Buzzard (h)
  11. Tilie's Downtown Now (h)
  12. You Took Advantage Of Me ( i )
  13. .Chicken And Waffles ( i )
  14. I'm Coming Virginia ( i )
  15. Blues ( i )
  16. Swing Mister Charlie ( j )
  17. Blue Lou (k)
  18. Marie (l)
  19. Black Bottom (m)
  20. The Prisoner's Song (n)
  21. I Cant't Get Started (n)

(a) Connie Boswell
Bunny Berigan (tp), Tommy Dorsey (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (c,as), Larry Binyon (ts), Martha Boswell (p), Dick McDonough (g), Artie Bernstein (b), Stan King (dr) - New York, 27 September 1932.

(b) Paul Hamilton and His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan (tp), Tommy Dorsey (tp, tb), Lloyd Turner (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Lyle Bowen (as), Larry Binyon (ts), Fulton McGrath (p), Dick McDonough (g), Artie Bernstein (b), Stan King (dr), George Beuchler (vocal) - New York, 14 March 1934.

(c) Frank Trumbauer and His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan , Nat Natolie(tp), Glenn Miller (tb), Artie Sharw (cl,as), Frank Trumbauer (c-sax), Jack Shore (as), Larry Binyon (ts), Roy Bargy (p), Lionell Hall (g), Artie Bernstein (b), Jack Williams (dr) - New York, 20 November 1934.

(d) Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan, Charlie Spivak (tp), Jack Jenney, Glenn Miller (tb), Johnny Mince (cl,as), Eddie Miller (ts), Harry Bluestone, Wladimir Selinsky (viol), Harry Waller (viola), Bill Schumann (cello), Calude Thornhill (p), Larry Hall (g), Delmer Kaplan (b), Ray Bauduc (dr), Smith Bellew (vocal) - New York, 25 April 1935.

(e) As (d) but strings omitted.

(f) Gene Gifford and His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan (tp), Morey Samuel (tb), Matty Matlock (cl), Bud Freeman (ts), Claude Thornhill (p), Dick McDonough (g), Pete Peterson (b), Ray Bauduc (dr), Wingie Manone (vocal), Gene Gifford (arr, leader) - New York, 13 May 1935.

(g) Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan, Nate Kazebier, Ralph Muzzilo (tp), Red Ballard, Jack Lacey (tb), Toots Mondello, Hymie Schertzer (as), Arthur Rollini, Dick Clark (ts), Frank Froeba (p), George Van Epps (g), Harry Goodman (b), Gene Krupa (dr) - New York, 1 July 1935.

(h) Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five
Bunny Berigan (tp), Bud Freeman (ts), Claude Thornhill (p), Eddie Condon (g), Grahan Moncur (b), Cozy Cole (dr) - New York, 4 December 1935.

( i ) Bunny Berigan and His Blue Boys
Bunny Berigan (tp), Edgar Sampson (as/cl), Eddie Miller (ts), Cliff Jackson (p), Graham Moncur (b), Ray Bauduc (dr) - New York, 13 December 1935.

( j ) Bunny Berigan and His Boys
Bunny Berigan (tp), Bud Freeman (ts, cl), Forrest Crawford (ts), Joe Bushkin (p), Dave Barbour (g), Mort Stuhlmaker (b), Dave Tough (dr), Chick Bullock (vocal) - New York, 24 February 1936.

(k) Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra Bunny Berigan, Harry Greenwald, Harry Brown (tp), Walter Burleson (tb), Matty Matlock (as,cl), Carl Swift (as), Art Drelinger (ts), Les Burnes (p), Arnold Fishkin (b), Manny Berger (dr) - New York, 22 January 1937.

( l ) Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra Bunny Berigan, Jimmy Welch, Joe Bauer, Bob Cusmano (tp), Tommy Dorsey, Les Jenkins, Red Bone (tb), Joe Dixon (as,cl), Fred Stulce (as), Bud Freeman, Clyde Rounds (ts), Dick Jones (p), Carmen Mastren (g), Gene Traxler (b), Dave Tough (dr), Jack Leonard (vocal) - New York, 29 January 1937.

(m) Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan, Irving Goodman, Steve Lipkins (tp), Al George, Sonny Lee (tb), Mike Doty, Joe Dixon (as/cl), Clyde Rounds, George Auld (ts), Joe Lipman (p), Tom Morgan (g), Hank Wayland (b), George Wettling (dr) - New York, 23 December 1937.

(n) As (m) but New York 7 August 1937

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