An Incomplete CD List

Bunny Berigan ca 1937 - 38.

1. Bunny Berigan the bandleader

Bunny Berigan fronting his orchestra in New York City, fall 1939.

Portrait of Bunny Berigan (Living Era CD AJA 5060).

An Introduction To Bunny Berigan: His Best Recordings 1935 -1939 (Best of Jazz 4021).

Bunny & Red: Bunny Berigan, Red McKenzie & The Mound City Blowers (Archives of Jazz 3891032)

Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra: 1938 Broadcasts From The Paradise Restaurant (Jazz Hour Compact Classics JH-1022)

Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra: On Your Toes (Drive ArchiveDE2-42414)

Bunny Berigan Through The Years: Leader & Sideman (Archives of Jazz 3891192)

Bunny Berigan: The Pied Piper (RCA Bluebird)

Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra : Down By The Old Mill Stream (Archives of Jazz 3891112)

Bunny Berigan and His Rhythm Makers: Original 1936 Radio Transcriptions (TAX 3710-2)

Bunny Berigan and the Rhythm Makers: Volume One 1936 & 1938 (Jass Records J-CD-627)

Bunny Berigan and the Rhythmakers: Vol 2 1938 (Jass Records J-CD-638)

Bunny Berigan: Gangbusters (Hep 1036)

Bunny Berigan: Swingin' High (Topaz)

The Chronological BUNNY BERIGAN And His Boys 1935 - 1936 (Classics 734)

The Chronological BUNNY BERIGAN And His Orchestra 1936 -1937 (Classics 749)

The Chronological BUNNY BERIGAN And His Orchestra 1937(Classics 766)

The Chronological BUNNY BERIGAN And His Orchestra 1937 - 1938 (Classics 785)

The Chronological BUNNY BERIGAN And His Orchestra 1938 (Classics 815)

The Chronological BUNNY BERIGAN And His Orchestra 1938 -1942 (Classics 844)

2. Bunny Berigan the sideman

Bunny Berigan at a recording date with Tommy Dorsey, summer 1940.

The Chronological LOUIS ARMSTRONG And His Orchestra 1934 - 1936 (Classics 509)

The Chronological LOUIS ARMSTRONG And His Orchestra 1936 - 1937 (Classics 512)

MILDRED BAILEY: Harlem Lullaby (Living Era CD AJA 5065)

MILDRED BAILEY: 1931 - 1939 (L'Art Vocal Vol 9)

MILDRED BAILEY: The Rockin' Chair Lady (1931 - 1950) (MCA LC 6713)

The Chronological MILDRED BAILEY: 1932 - 1936 (Classics 1080)

BUNNY BERIGAN. All Star Broadcasts (Soundcraft SC-5005)

BUNNY BERIGAN. Sideman: The ARC Years 1931 - 1936 (IAJRC 1013)

THE BOSWELL SISTERS: Collection, Vol 1, 1931 - 32 (Collectors Classics COCD-21)

THE BOSWELL SISTERS: 1930 - 1936 (L'Art Vocal Vol 13)

THE BOSWELL SISTERS: Airshots and Rarities 1930 - 1935 (Retrieval RTR 79009)

BING CROSBY: My Melancholy Baby (History 20.3034-HI)

Dorsey Brothers: Best Of Big Bands (Columbia/Legacy CK 48908)

The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, Vol 3. (Jazz Oracle Phonograph Record Co, BDW 8006)

Dorsey Brothers: Mood Hollywood (HEP Records HEP CD 1005)

The Dorsey Brothers • Mildred Bailey • Ethel Waters • Bing Crosby • Lee Wiley • Mae West: HARLEM LULLABY (HEP Records HEP CD 1006)

A Portrait of TOMMY DORSEY (GALE 404)

The Chronological TOMMY DORSEY And His Orchestra 1936 - 1937 (Classics 916)

The Chronological TOMMY DORSEY And His Orchestra 1937 (Classics 955)

TOMMY DORSEY: His Best Recordings 1928 - 1942 (Best Of Jazz 4029)

TOMMY DORSEY & His Orchestra: 1936/41 Broadcasts (Jazz Hour JH-1052)

TOMMY DORSEY & Frank Sinatra: Together 1939/1940 (Jazz Archives No 38)

TOMMY DORSEY: March/June 1940 Broadcasts To S America (Soundcraft SC-5012)

TOMMY DORSEY: Original Historic Recordings (EPM Musique MSTI58342)

TOMMY DORSEY And His Orchestra: Saturday Afternoon At The Meadowbrook 1940 (Jazz Band Compact Classic 2156-2)

TOMMY DORSEY: Stop, Look & Listen (ASV/Living Era ASL-CD-5105)

TOMMY DORSEY: That Sentimental Gentleman of Swing (RCA Jazz! 74321 36401 2)

The Chronological BUD FREEMAN 1928 - 1938 (Classics 781)

Benny Goodman´s Bill Dodge Recordings Complete (Circle Records CCD-111)

Benny Goodman: The Early Years (Biograph BCD 109 AAD)

The Chronological BENNY GOODMAN 1931 - 1933 (Classics 719)

The Chronological BENNY GOODMAN 1935 (Classics 769)

The Chronological BENNY GOODMAN 1935 - 1936 (Classics 789)

The Chronological BENNY GOODMAN 1938 - 1939 (Classics 990)

Benny Goodman: The Birth of Swing (RCA 61038)

Benny Goodman: When Buddha Smiles (ASV/Living Era 5071)

The Chronological BILLIE HOLIDAY 1933 - 1937 (Classics 582)

The Chronological BOB HOWARD 1935 - 1936 (Classics 1121)

HAL KEMP And His Orchestra: The Hot Sides 1926 - 1931 (Retrieval RTR 79025)

Dick McDonough & His Orchestra: Original 1936 - 37 Recordings (EVA-1700-2)

Dick McDonough & His Orchestra: Volume #2 (Swing Time Productions 2002)

Red McKenzie 1935, 1937 (Timeless Jazz CBC 1-019)

Glenn Miller: Evolution of a Band (The Best of the Big Bands) (Columbia CK-48831)

Mound City Blowers 1935, 1936 (Timeless Jazz CBC 1-018)

Mound City Blowers (1935 - 1936) (Classics 895)

RED NORVO Featuring Mildred Bailey (Portrait Masters RK 44118)

The Chronological RED NORVO: 1933 - 1936 (Classics 1085)

RED NORVO: Dance Of The Octopus HEP CD 1044)

Ramona And Her Grand Piano (The Old Masters MB 116)

Fred Rich, Volume One. The Columbia House Bands (The Old Masters, MB 101)

Saturday Night Swing Club. A special two-compact disc collection (Mephis Archives 7002)

Ben Selwin, Volume One. The Colombia House Bands (The Old Masters, MB 102)

Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey: Learn To Croon (Buddha 7446599601-2)

Trumpet Royality: A Horn-ucopia of 25 Never-Before-Reissued Gems By The Legendary Kings Of The Jazz Trumpet! (Vintage Jazz Classics 1009)

The Chronological FATS WALLER 1937 (Classics 857)

The Chronological ETHEL WATERS 1931 - 1934 (Classics 735)

PAUL WHITEMAN And His Orchestra: Paper Moon (Pro Arte CDD 437)

PAUL WHITEMAN And His Orchestra: Say it with music (Living Era CD AJA 5291

LEE WILEY Sings The Songs Of George & Ira Gershwin & Cole Porter (Audiophile Records ACD-1)

LEE WILEY 1931 - 1940 (L' Art Vocal Vol 15)

LEE WILEY: Hot House Rose (Pearl 1047)

Critical note to the CD List.

The information in the list mostly follows the text in the CD-booklets. In some cases when the CD-booklets contains no discographical notes or information with obvious errors, supplementary information has been taken from Brian Rust Jazz Records 1897-1942, Vol 1 and Vol 2 or Connor,Russell, BG On Record. In some cases errors in the refered sources has been corrected with the help of the discographer and Berigan specialist Bozy White.

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