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"Pepparkakor" Gingerbread biscuit
"Rågbröd" Rye bread
"Rödbetsvin" Beetroot vine



my favourite bread


6 dl water 
50 g yeast 
1 1/4 dl golden syrup 
1/2 spoon salt (spoon = 15 ml) 
1 1/2 spoon vinegar essence (12%) 
about 9 dl rye flour 
about 6 dl wheat flour
Fragment the yeast. Pour over the finger warm water, stir. 
Add on golden syrup, salt, vinegar essence, rye flour and wheat flour (as much as it needs, normally just 5 dl). (+ olivoil and spices by taste) 
work it flexible. 
Not to hard! 
Rise in 45 min 
Put the dough in forms , rise in 40 min. 
Bake in 200° C app.. 1/2 hour. 
Reduce the temperature to 175° C, bake in 3/4-1 hour. 
( fredag 26 december 1997/ m 2 march 1998)

Susannes rödbetsvin 

(Susanne's Beetroot wine)
8 big beetroot
4 litre water
2 kg sugar
50 g bakery yeast
2 slice of white bread
1 ½ dl raisin
Slice the beetroots, boil it in the water for 2 1/2 -3 hour.
Compensate lost water with boiled water.
When its not too hot add sugar and raisin.
Put the bakery yeast on the two slices of bread - put in the bread slices width the yeast down.
Let it stay in room temp.,. in a bucket for four weeks.
Strain and pour in bottles. Let stay for one year, width non airtight cork.
 Vessigebro  28(?) december 1981


mormors pepparkakor

grandma's Gingerbread biscuits
4 kg golden syrup 
4 kg sugar 
2 hg butter (hg = 100 g) 
2 tsk cinnamon (tsk = 5 ml) 
1 tsk cardamom 
½ tsk clove 
½ tsk ginger 

 Warm it, stir until its cold.

2 eggs stirs in, one by one. 
2 tsk bicarbonate stirred in approx. 1 kg wheat flour 
let stay over night.
Ready. Ok you must roll out the dough (thin!) and take out the biscuits.
Bake in app. 175° C

98-03-02 poe