my trip to Eire may 1999:

Yvonne, friend from high school and who had invited me to Ireland.

This is her house, 300 years old farming house in the mountains of  Wicklow, Moneys town.

and in old houses this is the way that you survive...

The farmer and his dog.

Wicklow's mountains from Bray

One water reservoir for Dublin...

Ahh, the think that lorries should not park here. But no no, No Travellers here, go away...

One way to the other side,

PUBS everywhere, this is in Ballyknockan, I think.

Same place other view.

drink Guinness

The Pub in Ballinaclash.

Mr Paddy Darling, Glenmalore Pub, Co Wicklow

Long Hall Dublin

One real Dubliner!

He is proud

I have now a certify that say that I am a qualified Irish Whiskey taster!

Of course a visit to Guinness is on the program.
Jamesons whiskey special.


My German group

Kilkenny, the only round tower that you can get up in! If its not raining.
what's on the picture?

it seems to be interesting...

diving things
divers all sins are recorded, here by Carmeni

one very special diver, Grace...
to be continued
and me
When i was leaving Ireland I was in such hurry that I forgot my Letherman in the security check. But thanks to Ronnie Byrne from the Lost Property Section, Dublin Airport,  I've got it back! The flower is to you, my Hibiscus in my window in Malmö.

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