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STEqualizer is an application used for controlling the microwire interface that exists in all STEs, Mega STEs and TTs. The settings in the microwire interface affects all the sound that comes out of your computer.

STEqualizer is great if you want to listen to modules, edit samples, or whatever.

You can run the program as a normal application, or install it as an accessory. The settings you make is automatically saved, so if you install it as an accessory these will be initiated during boot-up!



Use the bass, treble, and volume controls to adjust the audio output of your computer!

System requirements

An Atari STE, Mega STE or TT is required. Falcon computers are not equiped with microwire interfaces.


Size: 17.3 kB
Approximate download time: 5 sec. at 28.8 kbps, 2.5 sec. at 56 kbps



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