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The Poker Machine
The Poker Machine - Copyright © Thomas Sahlin 1997


The Poker Machine is a freeware game for the Atari STE and Falcon 030. It looks and behaves as one of those poker machines found in casinos, only cooler!

When you have won yourself some credits, there is also a nice "Buy Stuff" feature, which allows you to load in the special merchandise files used by the game. These hold various types of software which you can buy for the credits you have won. One merchandise file is supplied with the game, but there is also a cool program you can use to create your very own merchandise files, which you can then pass along to your friends!


The main menu of the game

The main menu


The playfield

The playfield

System requirements

An Atari STE or Falcon 030 with 2 MB RAM and 2.5 MB diskspace.


Size: 401 kB, 528 kB, 663 kB
Approximate download time: 7 min. and 34 sec. at 28.8 kbps, 3 min. and 54 sec. at 56 kbps

You need all three archives!

Download archive 1
Download archive 2
Download archive 3


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