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HTML2TXT v2.0 - Copyright © Thomas Sahlin 1999


HTML2TXT is an application used for converting HTML files into standard ASCII text files. Unlike similair programs that only strip out the HTML tags, HTML2TXT actually interprets the tags and formats the outputed text files accordingly.

As of version 2.0, the program can also be used to perform other tasks, such as converting text files between Atari and PC character sets, or optimizing HTML files by removing unnecessary line-breaks.

New features

New features in version 2.0:


The options window

The options window lets you use HTML2TXT for other purposes than converting HTML files into text files.


The registration window

Registering HTML2TXT is completely free of charge!


The batchlist-editor

HTML2TXT is now equipped with a real batchlist-editor!


The progress window

HTML2TXT in action, converting files!

System requirements

HTML2TXT should work on any Atari ST compatible computer.


There's no longer any need to register HTML2TXT. Instead I have registered the program to everyone, so you can use the name and key below to register your copy, or you can just go on using it unregistered.

Name: Everyone
Key: 12345fkgneuitkqjpgrf2A644767308C4D


Filesize: 50.7 kB
Approximate download time: 29 seconds at 14.4 kbps, 15 seconds at 28.8 kbps, 8 seconds at 56 kbps

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