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BlackOut screen blanker svart skärmsläckare
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Version 1.0, released 2001-01-04. Copyright © Thomas Sahlin 2001.

About BlackOut
BlackOut is a small utility with mainly one purpose - to paint the screen black, and keep it that way. It is not a conventional screen saver, which means you start it manually whenever you want the screen to go black.

You might ask yourself when you would ever need an application that simply paints the screen black, but there are times when the program comes in handy. I for example use the program when I'm using the computer as a DVD player. Since I'm watching the films on a TV, I want the monitor to be blank. However, the DVD player software prevents the system screen saver from being activated (otherwise it would be activated when watching films on the monitor), and this is when BlackOut comes in handy.

Once activated, BlackOut can be minimized by pressing a key on the keyboard or by clicking a mouse button (exit the program by pressing Esc). When BlackOut is not minimized, it checks every other second to see if another window has poped up in front of it, and if so it will force itself to the foreground so that it will always cover the entire screen. When BlackOut is active it will also prohibit the system screen saver from running, so if you want stop the screen saver from running and perhaps steal processing power, you can activate BlackOut instead.

System requirements
Any Windows 95/98/2000 computer will do.
BlackOut is freeware, which means you can distribute it freely as long as you don't charge anyone for it and as long as it's distributed in an unaltered form.
Download and install
BlackOut does not come with an installation program. It is stored in a compressed ZIP archive, which means you'll need a compression program such as WinZIP to extract the contents of the ZIP file. Once extracted you can put the executable file anywhere you like (you can also drag it to the desktop for easy access).

File name
Size 4.74 kB
Download time 28.8 kbps: 1 sec.

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