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If you would like to put a link to any of the HTML-pages of this site you are welcome. You do not have to ask. I never ask. I would not mount these pages if I had any objections to links. The Web is all about links. So feel welcome. Although you don´t have to ask permission in any way if you may put links it would be nice, though not at all necessary, if you wrote me an email to inform me that you have linked. The adress is

It is interesting to know and I might send you an email in case I would chose to move the page to another server. This goes for the HTML-pages. It is a different matter with the JPG´s. If I for instance discovered that you were using one of my photos only, to embellish your site (or whatever), without asking me for permission in advance, I would consider it an infringement upon my rights and be really annoyed, regard it as theft, and deal with it accordlingly.

With regard to the HTML-pages you can link as you please except in one case. If You link to MTB Around Uppsala (or in Swedish MTB runt Uppsala) you should link to the first page where the local ethics are spelled out, as it is essential to keep on the right side of other people who also love to spend their time in the woods. The English version´s first page is at and the Swedish is at

Per Löwdin

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