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In this section my 'commercial' projects will appear.

My site is intended to be a non-commercial, enthusiast/hobbyist site, but sometimes I feel a need for a product not available on the market. The fact that the products are not readily available made me think that others could be interested in them too. This is the reason for the 'commercial' projects and it will also make it possible for me to expand the product range (if I get my money back). I have invested quite a lot of money and effort in the first project and I hope it will be well received.

The first project is the XO-2001 crossover for subwoofers. Those who are familiar with this site know that I have not been completely satisfied with the Gradient SW-63 crossover, and since I want to get the most out of my system I decided to make a new and better crossover. You can read all the details on the XO-2001 page, push the button below and you will be taken there.

The XO-2001 crossover started as a part of the more expensive crossover project with a tube amplifier high-pass section. This project was then extended into a tube pre-amplifier with integrated crossover for use with subwoofers. As soon as the XO-2001 project starts producing some money flow in the right direction (towards me), I will finish the PXO-2001 pre-amplifier/crossover project. The high-pass section in the XO-2001 is surprisingly good and is an excellent starting point for the (hopefully) even better performance of the tube amplifier high-pass filter. The PXO-2001 project is described on its own page and all you need to do for a more detailed description is to push a button.

The DIY dipole subwoofer project has been planned for a long time but since I did not need the subwoofer myself nothing happened until I got a drawing on one from Paal Jensen in Norway. The subwoofer page now also includes some information on suitable drivers. More to come...
Click on the button below for more details.

The latest project is a rather ambitious mains filter with several outputs, each with its own separate isolation transformer. This project is still in the planning stage and I need to know if this is interesting for some of you. Click on the MF-2001 button below for more details.

I have several other projects on my mind and these will be presented later.

I have registered the domain and later my products will be sold there. The intention is to make an interesting market place for enthusiast products, these are often very good and at decent price levels, but marketing them is difficult.


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