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Updated Friday October 1, 2004

Sorry, nothing new yet. Still working a lot on the Aitik pit (as a consultant), but have not had the time to add more stuff to this page. Mabye later....


The background for this page was a research project conducted during the period of 1994 to 1999 at the Division of Rock Mechanics, Lulea University of Technology. The project was sponsored by Boliden Mineral and was aimed at increasing the understanding of the stability of large scale open pit rock slopes.

The project involved several different phases, as follows:

The most prominent end result of the work was my doctoral thesis (check the Publications page), as well as a set of conference publications and presentations (check the Presentations page).

I have removed a lot of old material from this page. Time permitting, I am planning to add some new and updated material here, e.g., case studies and a database for these, some numerical modeling results and issues, etc. Please check back soon!

Last modified : Thursday April 12, 2007.