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After a journey to Ukraine wintertime 1999 - I became aware of the bad conditions for the poor and homeless people who were - in the middle of the ice-cold Kiev - walking aimlessy about, searching for something to eat...
After a visit in a childhouse - where I handle over some gift parcels - I decided to act for further efforts.


To organise this work I bought, back in Sweden, a van and continued the delivering.
Before my third trip I handle over the car to
"OK/Q8" workshop for service here in Sweden.
This "service" ended up in the most unexpected way...


When I wanted to fetch the car at this service station I discovered that some engine parts were missing...
OK/Q8 didn't do anything to find out what was going on... they just insisted on payment for the "service" they done.
When I asked were the rest of the engine were they just didn't care and claimed me over again for money...
I had nothing to do but to pay the bill - 150$ - and call for a tow truck to save the remaining of my van...
After a contact with the Chrysler retailer it appeared that it would be far to expensive for me to restore the car!
I just have to face the fact and cancel further delivering to Ukraine!


Thanks for all your support folks!

("OK/Q8" is a huge franchise chain in Sweden this and this is a mail to the information officers there, they might explain their philosophy of enterprising for you...)


Right now we (2 pers) are waiting for a visa to the UA and catch the train and visit the childhouse to see what progress we have done regarding their situation and post it here.

You can reach me - if there are any questions here.


If you want to gather some things to send to the orphanage I appreciate if you use my

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to get in touch with each other to reduce your deliver costs! John


Right now I have a lawyer who made an application for a summons in this matter...


Ill  keep the section below constant updated


                                                          ...there was a mail....


Yes, there was a mail from a Swedish  Organization which is working with humanitarian aid to orphans and youth in Russia - based on Christian set of values - they’ve just been reading what  happen to me and my van... and they offer our children in Ukraine 80 cubic metre (!) of clothes, shoes, toys and transport arrangement all that for the same costs as i had for my van delivering... of course I accepted


Ill  meet the transport in the middle of August in Kiev and guide them to our Orphanage in Boyarka....

Ill return - right here - with more news from the UA, in the meanwhile please say a prayer for our children...

                                      ...it obviously help...


                                     jonny-roger kjelsson


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